2016 Toyota Venza redesign, changes, price

2016 Toyota Venza price, release date, redesign, changes

Toyota did something unique with the Venza, offering a combination of an SUV with MPV characteristics, offering most of the advantages of both worlds. However, the Venza never was the perfect midsize crossover SUV mostly because it was quite big and not that easy to handle. The 2016 Toyota Venza on the other hand is expected to solve most of these issues while offering even better performance than before. It seems that Toyota is trying to blur the line between the two classes even more. The next Toyota Venza 2016 could get smaller engine with turbocharged and better fuel economy.

2016 Toyota Venza price, release date, redesign, changes

Toyota Venza 2016 redesign

We know for sure that the new 2016 Toyota Venza is going to be smaller which would also mean that it will be a lot easier to handle as well as it will use less fuel. The current design will also change, Toyota giving the new car a more mature design with straight lines and a more masculine approach. While the exterior will shrink, the interior is expected to remain the same in terms of space. There is still going to be room for up to seven people as well as their luggage, but considering that this midsize crossover SUV won’t be much bigger than some sedan is something quite nice.

While the interior won’t change in terms of dimensions it will certainly change in terms of specs. The Toyota Venza 2016 is expected to feature a more up to date design with nicer materials as well as more technology. An infotainment system with internet access is going to be standard while the seats are going to be very comfortable thanks to a special foam Toyota also used in the LFA.

2016 Toyota Venza price, release date, redesign, changes

2016 Toyota Venza changes

Engine wise, there are going to be quite a few changes for the 2016 Toyota Venza. Many people assumed that it will still get the same engines as the current generation but it seems that it won’t. Instead, the base 2.7-liter is expected to be replaced with a smaller 2.5-liter inline 4 which will provide a similar 180 horsepower but it will also get better fuel economy thanks to the smaller displacement. The top of the range will remain the 3.5-liter V6 but this time it will make upwards of 300 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque as well as it will use less fuel thanks to the fact that it will be able to use Atkinson cycle when not using full power. Later in the car’s life a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine developed together with BMW should also be introduced. This will make more than 270 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque as well as it will use less fuel than the current inline-4 engine.

Toyota Venza 2016 price, release date, redesign, changes

2016 Toyota Venza price and release date

As far as the pricing goes, the new Toyota Venza 2016 is likely to start at around $35,000 with the higher end models going for a bit more than $50,000 dollars, a price which does reflect in the car’s quality and performance. This price is in the range of other midsize crossover SUV vehicles such as Nissan Murano and Ford Edge. The 2016 Toyota Venza release date is still unknown but we expect to see its presentation in the fall of 2015.