Alternators and Starters in the USA

Alternators – what is it?

Special unit alternators are devices designed to provide a vehicle with a sufficient constant electric current. The result is a reliable and trouble-free operation of various devices and systems used in the design of modern cars and other high-tech equipment.

As a rule, all car alternators manufactured and operated in the United States are reliable devices that are characterized by:

  • high performance;
  • good efficiency;
  • efficiency;
  • the simplicity of design, maintainability;
  • the durability of operation.

Moreover, US Alternators are considered the highest quality and most reliable devices for generating alternating electric current. Therefore, Americans seek to buy alternators and motorists from many other countries of the world.

How alternators work?


An automobile generator is one of the main structural elements of the electrical system of any modern vehicle. The DC Generator manufactured at Innotec reduces
operating expenditures by reducing the fuel consumed.

During the operation of a car engine, this unit performs two important functions:

  • Restoring the storage battery’s capacity (recharge), necessary and sufficient for the next start of the engine.
  • The simultaneous power supply of consumers (optics, audio system, other equipment) with electric energy.

The alternator’s operation principle is to convert mechanical energy (obtained by a belt drive from the engine’s crankshaft) into alternating electrical voltage. Modern best alternators fully satisfy the sharply increased need for transport for electrical energy.

All elements of a reliable AC power source are housed in one reasonably compact housing. It is also the basis for the formation of the stator winding. Inside the housing, on reliable rolling bearings, the unit’s main element is fixed, which provides the generation of electrical energy – the rotor.

The basic principle of car alternators is to apply the electromagnetic induction effect.

How to test alternator?


Periodic checking alternators should show the compliance of the product parameters with the requirements, namely:

  • The voltage output from the device must be maintained within the manufacturer’s specified range. The same applies to the parameters of the onboard network of the car itself. In this case, the value of the varying load, the engine speed should not have any effect on the specified range.
  • The device parameters at the output must ensure (in any operating mode, from idle to maximum speed) a sufficient transfer of the charge voltage to the battery.

These requirements apply to any machinery and equipment, from medium and heavy – trucks to lawn and garden.

To check the performance of the unit, special diagnostic equipment is used. Measurements of parameters are checked against the original data of the manufacturer. If there is no match, repair or complete replacement alternators are required.

It is not recommended to install cheap alternators if they do not meet the established requirements for reliability and operational durability. At OBB, each customer will be offered a wide range of units and the best price for alternators.

Starters – what is it?


In order to successfully and quickly launch an internal combustion engine, a car starter is included in the design of the starting system of modern vehicles. This compact device provides the transfer of the necessary impulse to the crank mechanism and ensures the initial cranking of the crankshaft with the subsequent start of the engine. It is the starter responsible for the confident start of the engine, regardless of the complexity of the operating conditions.

Car Starter is a standard, classic electric motor installed on all types of motorcycle equipment, ATVs, small engines, and other power units and installations.

In the engine compartment, not everyone will be able to find the installation location for this part. The starter has compact dimensions, but the importance of this element of the engine starting system is difficult to overestimate. Best starter cars are capable of ensuring a confident engine start in any the most difficult operating conditions.

How does a starter work?

This device can convert electrical energy received from the battery into mechanical work, which consists of actuating the crankshaft flywheel. As a result, the flywheel spins up, the air-fuel mixture is ignited in the cylinders, and the engine starts.

All starter parts and the unit itself, including, operate based on the laws of physics. If a wireframe is installed between two opposite poles of a magnet and then an electric current is passed through it, this frame will begin to rotate. Of course, if you use a bad starter, then its effectiveness will be quite difficult to guarantee. Therefore, you should give preference to products that are offered by reliable, trusted suppliers, such as our company OBB Starters and Alternators. And then you won’t need a starter repair for a long time.

How to test a starter?


Before attempting to rebuild a starter after a failure, you need to know which malfunctions occur most often. It is essential to check the integrity of the case, to assess whether all the main components are in good working order. If a replacement of one or another spare part is to come, it must be purchased from trusted suppliers. Better – with us, at the OBB company.

Before installing a part on a regular marine or UTILITY VEHICLES place after the repair, starter tests are carried out. The check is carried out at unique stands. This is the only way to make sure that the technical characteristics and the readiness of the unit for further operation are consistent.

OBB Starters and Alternators are always there

Our specialized company OBB offers to buy starters and alternators for all types of automotive equipment and various industrial equipment.

All detailed information about each commodity item is presented in the catalog. The price at the current moment is also indicated here. We offer important units for modern technology at discounted cheap prices and a high-quality warranty!

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