How to Charge Deep Cycle Marine Battery 2023

There is nothing worse than having a dead battery. Imagine that one day when your family wanted quality time outdoors on your boat but ended up not having the battery to run your devices. It is why you need to learn how to charge deep cycle marine battery so that you can have peace of mind that it remains charged to prevent its damage and maintain its top condition.

RV Expert opinion is deep cycle battery is one of the good options for your RV vehicle. Admittedly, sometimes our deep cycle battery is dropping below its voltage to run our electronics, golf cart or boat. To prevent this from happening, we need a specific charger that can charge our deep cycle battery.

Charging a Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Step 1


Prepare the battery and the charger. Make sure that you’re getting the right deep cycle battery charger before charging your deep cycle battery. Or else, your battery might get damaged. With the right charger, you can maintain your battery charged, especially if your boat, RV or truck is sitting for a long time without being used, like in the winter.

But then again, you must buy the correct charger for your battery to ensure its optimal condition. According to, a good deep cycle battery charger is also going to trickle charge the battery when it is not in used to prevent it from draining. It is important to maintain your battery; otherwise, you might have to buy a replacement sooner than you expected.

Get a battery charger and maintainer that usually has a low, medium or fast charge, and other cool functions for the best results.

Step 2


Just connect the alligator clips to the battery terminals. Hook them up to keep the battery charged, especially in the winter and when your truck, boat, or RV is not in use. It will help keep the battery in good condition. As much as possible, get a battery charger that also works as a maintainer so that you can be sure that you will never have a dead battery again. Quality chargers can offer versatility to charge different types of deep cycle batteries, such as standard, AGM, and gel batteries.

Step 3


Just keep the battery hooked up to the battery charger and maintainer. Clip in the alligator clips onto the battery terminals. It will be better to get a battery charger that comes with protection features, such as overcharging protection and overheating protection. It should also have an automatic shut off function to cut off charging automatically when the battery is fully charged.

These steps are basically how to charge deep cycle marine battery that you need to know. Easy right? Following these simple steps, you don’t need to worry about having a dead battery again.

Tips for charging the battery

  • Charge it where there’s a fixed charging source. Alternatively, it is better to use a portable charger, which is easy to use, convenient and efficient for the task.
  • Remember to connect the charge clamps with your battery. But then again, you must charge your battery properly, and for that you need a fast charger. It might also be better if you select a charger that offers a temperature sensor and temperature compensation.
  • It might reduce the life of the deep cycle battery if you set it at a high range. Thus, you must set it to only 10 amps.
  • If charging the battery for the first time, read the specs sheet for the details, and be sure to use the current setting.
  • You must check the battery temperature to prevent damage to your battery.
  • See that the charger is working correctly.
  • If you’re leaving the battery not in use for a long time, you must leave it on a trickle charge for excellent results.
  • Do not leave your battery drained for a long time. Otherwise, it will be damaged, and you need to buy a replacement. You must not also use a charger that is not compatible with your battery.
  • Just a shallow discharge depth is going to extend the life of the battery. You can turn the battery off when it’s not in use. Don’t try running its power down than what is needed.
  • Keep the terminals free of corrosion and debris.
  • You must charge your deep cycle battery when you reach the shore power.
  • Never connect new to old batteries if trying to connect multiple batteries.
  • Don’t store partially charged batteries, but make sure to connect a trickle charger to it if storing for a long time.
  • Make sure to check the water level of your battery if it is unsealed, and refill it with distilled water.

These are only some tips to remember about maintaining your battery aside from keeping it charged. Did you learn something from this post on how to charge deep cycle marine battery? If you liked it, share it with your social media friends and help them learn the basics of charging a marine battery today!