Can an Odometer Be Rolled Back?

People have always wondered whether it was possible to roll back the odometer or not. They came up with manual ways to change the mileage. However, mechanical adjustment became more and more difficult thanks to technological advancement. Digital odometers changed the picture quite a bit, yet they didn’t manage to eliminate odometer correction. It’s still possible to rewind the miles with the help of various tools, yet they are far from perfect.

Today we’re going to discuss the features and uses of the mileage blocker and see if it can roll back the odometer.

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Can the mileage blocker roll back the odometer?

The mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter can’t roll back the odometer, since it’s a completely different tool. It stops recording the mileage once activated. Unlike the mileage programmer devices, it doesn’t reset the miles on the trip meter. In other words, it doesn’t interfere with the existing numbers. It’s an ethical tool that you should use for testing purposes only.

An odometer correction tool, on the contrary, is capable of reprogramming the mileage. With its help, you can dial in the desired miles. However, it’s an extremely unethical device. People mainly use it for fraud and deception, which can lead to legal and moral problems.

Moreover, it’s not the perfect unit. Its disadvantages are too serious to ignore. Diagnostic testers can easily discover its effects since digital odometers record the data about mileage in various control units. An odometer adjustment device changes the miles on the trip meter, yet it’s not capable of altering it in other systems of your car. It could even damage your vehicle in certain cases. Therefore, a mileage correction tool isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for mileage-related equipment.

What are the main uses of the mileage stopper?

The mileage stopper is a versatile tool and, thus, it can have many different uses. Some people use it to stop recording the mileage on public roads, however, you shouldn’t employ it that way. Today we’ll concentrate on ethical applications to make sure you understand just how diverse this device can be.

People use the odometer blocker for testing purposes


You should use the odometer blocker to test the performance of your vehicle. Since it offers a straightforward operation, you won’t have any trouble activating it whenever needed. It can be an asset in that process, as it will give you information about the functionalities of your car.

People use the kilometer stopper to check the true performance stats

The kilometer stopper is a useful tool for checking the performance stats of the car. The truth is, manufacturers lie about the true characteristics of their vehicles to achieve more sales. This device will help you understand what are the true capabilities of the car quite quickly.


Though it’s possible to roll back the odometer, it’s unethical and illegal to rewind the mileage. There are a lot of tools that can take care of the business, but they have too many disadvantages. You could check the alternative, namely, the mileage blocker, and explore its capabilities more deeply. That way you’ll understand better what makes it superior compared to the odometer correction tools.