8 Ways To Extend Your RV Lithium Battery Life

It is always indicated at any RV Lithium Batteries that they can last up to a decade or more. But does it last that long? For some, yes, it does! But others are complaining that it does not even last for a year. If that is the case, you must have been doing something wrong with your RV battery. If not, then it is subject to a warranty by the brand manufacturer.

If it happens to be not the manufacturer’s fault, you need to list down all the things you have been doing with your battery. This is to check out all the things that might be the reason why it deteriorates in a fast manner. In this article, you will also get to check the right way in keeping your RV healthy.

Once you know all those issues, it will be easier to avoid them with your new RV batteries. But please don’t go all through those efforts. In this article, brace yourself as we unravel all the information that will extend the life of your RV batteries.

The 12 Volt Charge

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Ensure that the battery will not go lower than 12 volts. This is the reason why a battery is considered full charge at 12.7 volts. It is to make sure that it will not go lower than the 12-volt range. If you think that it is okay to charge it up by 12 volts, well, it is only considered half empty at that point. Plus, it will drain faster as well.

To ensure that you have the correct charge for your battery, you can use a voltmeter to check which point it is already. In this way, you will know how the log will need to fill up.

Avoid contact with direct heat.

Although some batteries claim to be okay when installed in direct sunlight, it is still better not to. The heat of the sun bears radiation and uncontrollable heat for the battery to take in. Aside from it might face a sudden overheat, it might get worse by exploding, which is not a good scenario to be in, especially if you are on a trip.

You can do this by installing batteries where the sun does not light up. Or you can just put a unique cover in it with some cooling effects if your area is too hot.

Never skip a maintenance day.

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If you think that you have saved up just because you have skipped a maintenance day, well, you are wrong. Skipping your maintenance day is like cutting a class. You get to miss a lesson, thus making sure you fail on exams. Now, if you think batteries do have retakes, they don’t! It’s either you have a problematic battery or a battery beyond repair.

In this sense, you lose yourself the chance to save up from buying a new one or from avoiding severely costly repairs.

Charge it the Right way

Everything fails if it is used the wrong way. An RV battery works just like a cellphone. If you charge it incorrectly, its charge battery health decreases over time. So it goes if you do not complete its charge time until full charge also if you use it when you are still charging.

It would be best if you also remembered to use the only charger applicable to it. We know that there are universal chargers available, but that somehow depreciates battery health as well.

The lower, the better: Depth of Discharge

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This dramatically affects the longevity of the battery’s life. This is because the battery won’t have a hard time making itself to full charge. So it is safe to think that a 50 percent depth of discharge is more significant than a 20 percent depth of discharge of an RV battery.

Turn off when not in use.

Whenever you are turning off your RV, you should also turn off your RV battery. This is because of the parasitic load it emits when it is off. This load might harm your appliance, circuit boards, and everything that it runs when it is on. To make sure everything is okay, turn it off when not in use.

This is just like when there is a power shortage in a traditional home. You unplug every appliance that you have to avoid any short circuit from happening. If it does happen, the devices will indeed have an electrical problem.

Avoid bacteria by using Mineral-free water.

Source: lithiumion-batteries.com

Now imagine your RV battery as a newborn baby. Technically, you cannot let a baby intake tap water. This is because babies are susceptible to bacteria from tap water. And so it goes with an RV battery. Yes, it will still run well, but eventually, it will fail. And that is something that we must avoid.

You can also use distilled water if you prefer. In this sense, we can guarantee that your RV battery will indeed run for a decade and more.

Another matter you have to keep in mind is that you don’t constantly water your RV battery. You can only put water on it when it is fully charged. The only scenario where you can water it when it is not fully charged is when the plates are exposed.

RV battery storage

Here, it would be better to consider the weather in your area when you are storing your RV. RVs are very sensitive during the winter season. During these days, they are prone to freezing. And a frozen battery is not suitable for your battery’s health.

The best solution for it is to take it out of the RV when not in use. Then monitor it to avoid getting discharged to 80 percent. You don’t have to check out on it every day; every month will do. Plus, if it is winter in your area, insulation covers will significantly help. Overnight charging will do for RV batteries that will be on rest just for a short while.


Keeping your RV battery’s health in good condition is an essential thing to consider. Aside from it will save you a lot of money, it will also keep your headaches away. Imagine that you do not have to think of any repairs and repurchases if that happens.

We hope that you have read every tip that we have listed above by heart. If you have something to share with by your experience as an RV enthusiast, let us know. Let us create a community of happy and helpful RV community.