2016 Ford Kuga Review Specifications Price

Ford Kuga is one of the few SUVs developed by Ford that we could see in Europe. European market doesn’t lack of SUVs but still SUVs manufactured by this American automaker are very difficult to find. Offer on the North American market is much better and we are looking forward to seeing a change. 2016 Ford Kuga is coming with several notable refreshments. Both engine and design are going to be changed thus we will have slightly modified SUV which is better accustomed to the needs of the customers.

2016 Ford Kuga Front

European customers are believed to be not as demanding as American customers but still Ford always tries to create a top notch vehicle and keep up with other automakers in Europe. It comes with new control system, in new color, and much more. Ford really put a lot effort to please different types of customers which is not an easy task regardless of the industry.

2016 Ford Kuga Engine and Specs

As we mentioned in the first paragraph new Kuga is going to have completely new engine. It is going to be 2.0l DOHC four-cylinder. The most important difference comparing to the last engine is in gas emission. With new engine 2016 Ford Kuga will be greener than before. There is not exact data about CO2 emission but it will definitely be significantly lower. Also, there are not exact figures of towing capacity, torque and horsepower.

There are some speculations that it will have around 161 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque but this information hasn’t been officially confirmed. We also heard through the grapevine that new Kuga might come with one more engine, the 1.6 liter turbo EcoBoost four-cylinder. This engine should be less powerful than the 2.0l but with better mileage. Transmission is most likely to be four-speed automatic, without a manual option.

2016 Ford Kuga Engine

Interior and exterior of 2016 Ford Kuga

2016 Ford Kuga will come in various trim levels: Trend, Titanium and Ambiente. It has five doors and is based on the new platform developed by Ford, called the C1. With this new platform Kuga will lose some of its weight which will contribute to the mileage. Grille is going to be slightly changed and almost all lights are going to use LED technology. There are numerous colors, such as Moondust Silver, Ginger Ale, Platinum White, Sterling Grey and many more. New Kuga is able to conveniently accommodate eight passengers.

2016 Ford Kuga Interior

Seats are adjustable and leather-wrapped. Touch panel is placed on the dashboard and it enables controlling most of the features in the car. Infotainment system has been upgraded and it comes with USB connection, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, etc. 2016 Ford Kuga is equipped with all standard features that you can find in other SUVs manufactured by Ford.

2016 Ford Kuga Exterior

Ford Kuga 2016 Release date and price

We are not sure if there is going to be significant price difference of new Kuga on European and American market but it should cost around $28,900. However, some trim levels are going to cost more. There are some rumors that 2016 Ford Kuga will be released in the first quarter of 2016 but we advise you not to take this to the bank and wait for the official announcement.

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