2016 Honda CR-Z Review Specifications News

A revamped version of the Honda CR-Z is almost ready to hit the market. When the company announced that they are preparing refreshment for the 2016 model year, we were not surprised because we expected that something like this would happen sooner or later since the current model has been on sale for four years now. The new 2016 Honda CR-Z will bring many changes with itself, starting from a new platform, improved interior and exterior design, and more powerful and efficient engine options. The changes that the company has made to the Honda CR-Z will make it more sportier and attractive model. The company announced that the upcoming model will be more expensive than the outgoing one, so we assume that they are preparing many novelties for us.

2016 Honda CRZ

2016 Honda CR-Z Exterior

As for the exterior changes of the 2016 Honda CR-Z, the first thing you need to know is that the new model will be based on a new platform. That is actually the same platform on which the Honda Civic Type R is based. The newcomer will have a shorter wheelbase and it will be sportier than the vehicle it replaces. Besides that, we also expect improvements in terms of aerodynamics. The vehicle will have new diffusers and spoilers for excellent stability even at highest speeds. As for the materials, they will be only high-quality ones including carbon fiber elements on vehicle’s hood, doors, and roof. There will also be a lot of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

2016 Honda CRZ White

Interior of new 2016 Honda CR-Z

As far as the interior design of the upcoming 2016 Honda CR-Z is concerned, there won’t be significant changes and most of things will be carried over. Since the newcomer will be based on the new platform, we expect some alternations though. For example, we assume that the cabin will offer more legroom and headroom space even though the new model is a bit shorter than its predecessor.

Inside of the cabin, you will find a great number of technological features for safer, more interesting, and comfortable driving experience. The standard features include Bluetooth connectivity, an audio system with six speakers, a rearview camera, USB port, automatic climate control, etc. As for the optional equipment, you will be offered leather upholstery, premium audio system with seven speakers, Honda Satellite Navigation System, Pandora interface, etc.


2016 Honda CR-Z Engine

One of the greatest changes for the 2016 Honda CR-Z arrives in the form of a new engine and here is where the new Honda CR-Z shows all its glory. Under its hood, you will find a 1,5 liter direct injected gas drivetrain, an electric motor, and a lithium ion battery. This combo will enable you to get the maximum output of 220 hp. The transmission will probably be carried over but there is a great possibility that they introduce a speed dual clutch transmission system. If they don’t, there will still be the good-old six-speed manual unit.


Release date of 2016 Honda CR-Z

2016 Honda CR-Z will be officially unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, but the exact release date hasn’t been announced.

2016 Honda CR-Z