2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Review, Specs

The 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 is a modern model and a mid size SUV with the best eight speed transmission.The car comes with a lot of well improved features ranging from the engine power, unique design, performance and great fuel consumption ability. We take this opportunity to inform you about these features and why this vehicle is highly regarded as one of the best midsize SUV in 2014.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Mirage

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Design

A stylish look and a well spacious car, this car has the best design to offer drivers as we’ll as passengers the best comfort and relaxation. If you are planning to travel in style then this is definitely the car for you.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Exterior

Jeep SRT8 Specs

The engine of 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 has a wonderful built 6.4 liter HEMI engine with the connectivity of a great electronic automatic mode. This HEMI engine produce power of 470 hp (351 kW) and 465 lb.-ft of torque. This new package has been improved to offer 0-60 mph acceleration speed with quicker shifts.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Engine

This mid size SUV has been designed to offer the best vehicle stability on all roads. It has top of the class wheels that perfectly coordinate to offer the best stability and control on high speed movements. This SUV can now be controlled with the use of the newly redesigned, more approved, and ergonomically efficient shifters. Through these improvements, the escalation levels will be greatly improved to ensure it performs faster and easily. In terms of performance, this car has fresh air-cooled six piston calipers that grab the 15-inch vented rotors.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Dashboard

If you want a vehicle that does not greatly cost you when it comes to fuel cost, it’s time to start thinking of purchasing the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8. This vehicle has been well improved and fitted with Fuel saver Technology and Eco Mode. It is therefore important to understand that you can always manage to save what you have in your pockets and ensure that you cover longer mileage with the economic use of this great vehicle.

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Speed

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Price

The 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT8 will be sold at $64,380. It is a well improved vehicle that has been creatively designed with high class materials. This is a reasonable amount for such as nice and well improved make.

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