Acura NSX Concept, Price, Photos

The 2015 Acura NSX is on the way with an exotic style, remarkable handling, powerful hybrid powertrain, modified interior design besides a durable and stylish exterior.  Acura NSX 2015 price is estimated to go around $130,000 depending on the trim level. New NSX will hit the market somewhere before the mid of 2016.

Acura NSX Side View

2015 Acura NSX Specs

Acura NSX 2015 is expected to come with a 3.7 liter DOHC V6 Hybrid powertrain that will be combined to a 7 speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. The engine will be able to deliver a power output of 480 hp. It will also be connected to three electric motors as a way to boost its effectiveness. This 2015 Acura NSX model will also come with a 4-wheel drive capability something that makes it one of the most outstanding cars expected to hit the auto market in 2015. As well, the powertrain will be connected to odd gear shafts that will help in transmitting power when the car is in use. High-tech batteries will also be fitted into the car to help reduce cost of electric energy storage.

Acura NSX Engine

Acura NSX 2015 Review

Acura NSX Exterior

As per the new NSX interior and exterior, it will feature more futuristic and efficient designs and mechanisms. For instance, the interior would be fitted with stylish and durable finishes. As well, the exterior will be equipped with durable and strong materials that would be able to withstand all kinds of damages it will be exposed to. To better its performance and comfort, the car will be equipped a cruise control, safety airbags, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, sophisticated audio systems among others. The new NSX seats will be placed strategically to leave enough legroom besides enough space between each row. In order to guarantee improved comfort, the seats would as well cushioned with high-tech materials.

Acura NSX Interior

Acura NSX Power-train

When talking of the new Acura NSX 2015 performance, it will be customized to meet all modern user-friendliness and ecological qualities. For instance, the powertrain will be outfitted with more effective and user-friendly mechanisms to help better its performance and environmental friendliness. Due to the use of the electrified technology, the car interior will be controlled under the appropriate conditions. As well, since the car would be equipped with more futuristic batteries, the cost of electric energy storage would be minimized. Besides all that the use of the cushioned seats in the car interior will help make the riding experience a bit enjoyable and preferable.

Acura NSX Wheel

Release date and price of 2015 Acura NSX

According to Acura, the car manufacturer, the new Acura NSX 2015 Concept would be going on sale at the start or somewhere before the mid of 2016. As per the price, it is estimated to go for a base price of $130,000 which is just according to rumors hence may be higher or lower depending on the amount set by the car manufacturer. As a result, anyone looking to purchase 2015 Acura NSX should prepare themselves with enough money.

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