2015 Lexus IS300 Review, Photos

2015 Lexus IS300 is a compact sedan with a strange shape. Beafore it was named Lexus it on Japanese market it was badged as Toyota Altezza. But in Europe and United States the Lexus badge it wore from the start of its manufacturing. While other Lexus IS designs are primarily exclusive full-size sedans, Lexus 300 is sport sedan with various sport accessories. One of these sport details are high efficient tires and tuned suspension. When the Lexus IS 300 was launched its attempt from Lexus to come near to the more youthful, more performance oriented crowd. Other Lexus models are made for people who likes cars fulled with comfort and luxury. The 2015 IS300 has an evident effort to become an executive sedan that tends to win young Quick and Furious fans. Some individuals think Lexus accomplished with this model, some others that this automobile resembles an old guy attempting to look cool.

2015 Lexus IS300 Side View

IS300 Design

Unlike usual Lexus IS executive sedans, Lexus IS 300 got much sportier look. It was made to be more aerodynamic. Some carbon and aluminum panels are included to minimize its weight. This modification will make this automobile much more quicker and lower its fuel efficiency. Fish like shape of the Lexus IS lowers drag coefficient. That shape is absolutely nothing new for the even more efficiency oriented complete size sedans.

2015 Lexus IS300 Exterior

2015 IS 300 Interior

When it comes to interior design it is easy to observe that 2015 Lexus IS 300 doesn’t have the luxurious line in its interior styling that comes with almost every Lexus design. On the rear cargo area comes in typical size, comparable to other automobiles in its class.

2015 Lexus IS300 Interior

2015 Lexus IS300 MPG

Engine is not one of the intense spots of brand-new Lexus IS. It has a 2.5-litre V6 gas engine that produce 205 horsepower and 186 lb ft of torque, which is absolutely obsoleted. Hybrid variation of the Lexus IS is also available. It is marked as Lexus IS 300h, and it has 4-cylinder petrol/electric hybrid engine that pumps 223 horsepower. Fuel effectiveness has to do with average in its class for both petroleum and hybrid version. Hybrid version can go up to 66 mpg in consolidated city and highway conditions and it has 99g/km of CO2 exhaust.

2015 Lexus IS300 Engine

2015 Lexus IS300 Price and Release date

For the 2015 year the price of this Lexus IS is $41,078. We assumed that it was not going to be much more higher than in 2013, but it actually went up. Release date of the brand-new 2015 Lexus IS300 was announced right after presentation, and it reached the dealerships in the beginning of 2015.

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