2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date

2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date

2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date – Everyone knows that the M Division cars are among the best driving cars in the World. However, not all BMW models receive this treatment and that was a bit of a problem until now especially since the great 2 Series never really had a true M model but rather upgraded versions of the base car. This is finally going to change with the new BMW M2 2016 which has been spied not too long ago testing with camouflage on it. We would hope that BMW will go for a truly balanced car when it comes to power and weight, especially since the M3 or the M4 do feel a little to powerful at times.

2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date

The new model is going to be based on the 2-Series so it will get the same chassis as the base car but pretty much everything else is going to be new. The running gear will be upgraded so the 2016 BMW M2 will likely get new shocks and springs, much better brakes with vented and drilled rotors in the front and at the back, new lightweight wheels and high performance tires.

2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date

2016 BMW M2 release date and price

On top of all these, the engine will be upgraded while the rear end will likely get a limited slip differential which should provide one of the best driving experiences on the market. The 2016 BMW M2 release date is likely going to be October 2015 while the production model will be out soon after. The price is unknown at this point but considering the price of the M4, the M2 might cost around $55,000 which is quite a bit price, especially since there are quite a few performance car at this prince point.

2016 BMW M2 price, news, release date

New BMW M2 2016 specs

Under the hood of the upcoming new BMW M2 2016 we are not going to find the great S55 3 liter engine from the M3 or M4 but rather an upgraded version of the N55 model from the M235i car. This means it will get a twin-turbo system rather than a twin-scroll turbo and it will be quite a bit more fun to drive as well. While BMW has not said anything about this just yet, it seems that the production model will come with 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque with a 20 lb-ft of torque overboost function which will only be available for a short amount of time. This is less than the M3 but it should be enough for the M2, especially since it will weigh nearly 250 pounds less. It is unclear about the transmission used on the 2016 BMW M2 but it seems that BMW will only offer it with a 6 speed manual gearbox which is the proper way for a driver’s car.

New BMW M2 2016 price, news, release date

2016 BMW M2 changes

The exterior will not be all that flashy either so it should be able to suit a lot of people. The car will be similar to the usual 2 Series but it will add a few bits and pieces which are going to make it special. It will get a new front bumper, different LED headlights which are likely going to be upgradable to laser headlights as well as a blacked out grille. At the back it will get the usual M quad-exhaust system with butterfly valves and it should also receive a small diffuser. The wheels will be all new and these should actually be quite similar to those of the M3.

Inside the cabin things are going to be quite simple as well and while it will be an M model, the 2016 BMW M2 is going to offer even more comfort than the usual 2 Series thanks to the new Recaro seats, a new M steering wheel made out of better materials as well as quite a bit more equipment than usual.

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