2016 BMW X1 crossover SUV interior, specs, redesign

2016 BMW X1 crossover SUV interior, specs, redesign

The X1 is one of the most fun to drive cars in its class and thanks to its rear-wheel-drive platform, the X1 managed to be one of the best selling small crossover SUV vehicles out there. The 2016 BMW X1 has been rumored for more than a few months already and some said that it would share its platform with the new 2-Series Active Tourer. Well, that’s right because just a few days ago there has been a leak which clearly stated that the new BMW X1 2016 is going to be front-wheel-drive with the base model and it will share most of the internal components both with a few Mini cars as well as with the 2-Series Active Tourer.

2016 BMW X1 crossover SUV interior, specs, redesign

2016 BMW X1 redesign

Both on the interior and on the exterior of the 2016 BMW X1 will change quite dramatically. The space inside the cabin will grow while the outside appearance will also change slightly in order to show BMW’s new design scheme. This crossover SUV from BMW will most likely be quite similar to the new 2 Series as well as quite close in dimensions with the Mini Countryman.

2016 BMW X1 interior, specs, redesign

BMW X1 2016 specs

As far as the engines go, the new BMW X1 2016 is going to feature a few different engines. The most likely candidates are the 1.5- and 2-liter turbocharged engines which are developed in cooperation with Toyota. The smaller 3 cylinder 1.5-liter engine will provide around 170 to 190 horsepower while the 2-liter version is said to be good for more than 250 horsepower which would bring it closer to the older model. There is also going to be a modular 2-liter diesel engine which will provide as much as 200 horsepower. Even though the X1 is going to be front-wheel-drive there is also going to be an all-wheel-drive version which is a bit reassuring for those who loved how the previous generation drove.

2016 BMW X1 interior, specs, redesign

Crossover SUV – Changes

There are a few bad things though and the most important of them all is the lack of rear-wheel drive option. This means that the sport character of this crossover SUV is most likely to be gone. This also means that there are not going to be any inline 6 engines which is a shame for all those people loving cars.

Crossover SUV from BMW

2016 BMW X1 release date and price

These are both good and bad news but let’s start with the good. It would mean that the 2016 BMW X1 price should go down from the current $32,000 which is just too much for such a crossover SUV. The expected entry level model would cost around $28,000 which would be a major improvement. This front-wheel-drive transmission also means that the passengers in the rear are going to have more space for legs and for their head which is a good improvement.

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BMW X1 2016 interior, specs, redesign