2016 Ferrari California T Price Specs Info

From Ferrari we can always expect top notch luxurious cars and new California T is surely one of them. Even though it is probably going to be launched sometime next year, we can see pictures and make first reviews of this model. With 2016 Ferrari California T you can be sure that you get good looking car with great performance. There are many luxurious cars on the market with neglected performance but you don’t need to worry about what is under the hood of new California T. With huge grille and all these angles and lines it has futuristic look. We are sure this car will intrigue many people and set the world on fire. However, if we talk about competence of this car we must take price and other things into consideration.
2016 Ferrari California T Front

2016 Ferrari California T Engine

When you have car like 2016 Ferrari California T you will be disappointed if you find out that it has weak engine and low performance. Ferrari is well known as an automaker that never let down its customers. They really take care about their customers and try to meet demands of all of those who are interested in buying cars from this class. Thanks to the officials who didn’t want to keep information off record for a long time we already know what is going to be installed under the hood. 2016 Ferrari California T is going to have one engine option and it is going to be 4.3l eight-cylinder. Ferrari chose this V8 due to its possibility to create 454 HP and towing capacity is 358 pound-feet of torque. As it is expected new Ferrari California T is going to be mated with seven-speed automatic gearbox. As far as we are concerned these figures are decent and no complaint should be received. However, EPA rating is still unknown and we are impatient to get those figures as well.
2016 Ferrari California T Engine

Interior and Exterior of new 2016 Ferrari California T

2016 Ferrari California T Interior
Front part, as well as the tail, is going to be modernized. At the back you will find special exhaust system with four exhaust pipes. Previous model had a 6.5-inch touchscreen placed on the dashboard but this model is expected to have slightly wider touchscreen. Steering wheel is going to resemble to some other vehicles manufactured by Ferrari and it will have plenty of buttons so you can easily control various things in the car during the ride. 2016 Ferrari California T is probably going to have two seats and 4-seater won’t be available this year. In spite of its transparency, Ferrari still keeps some information for itself. We look forward to getting this info soon and having better insight in all changes and refreshments.
2016 Ferrari California T Exterior

California T Release date and price

No one has dared so far to estimate how much new 2016 Ferrari California T is going to cost. Experts are being very careful and they are waiting for more information before they determine possible price. On the other hand, we are sure that this car won’t hit the market by 2015. It is most likely that launching will happen sometime next year and we are still impatiently waiting for the official announcement by Ferrari.

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