2016 Buick Avenir concept news, release date, price

2016 Buick Avenir concept news, release date, price

The 2016 Buick Avenir Concept was the biggest surprise of the 2015 North American International auto Show. After numerous slightly redesigned Opel vehicles, nobody thought that Buick division is able to deliver such a flashy new concept vehicle. This vehicle was created in Australian design studio, by the design team lead by Warrack Leach. The Buick Avenir 2016 represents the future of this brand and is much more luxurious and elegant than all previous models especially rebadged Opels.

2016 Buick Avenir concept news, release date, price

2016 Buick Avenir Concept design


New 2016 Buick Avenir comes with little bit strange, but very modern and futuristic look. Since Buick vehicles are mostly sold in Australia and China this vehicle looks more like the vehicles that interest buyers on these two markets. Buick also wants to spread their influence and sales to European continent, and become a real global brand, something like Chevy today. This is probably why the new vehicle comes with a shape that looks a lot like hatchback, which is not so common on the American market. Although having some hatchback influences like coupe upper integrated in the boattail decklid. This vehicle looks a lot like something that should be the new generation Buick Riviera.

2016 Buick Avenir interior


There are still no information about the interior of Buick Avenir 2016 Concept. Since it is the concept that will later take place of this brand’s flagship sedan, we can count on some nice and luxurious interior features. We might expect some real hi-tech wonders, from wide infotainment display that’s not going to be smaller than 7 inches and top of the line safety features, similar to the ones seen in Cadillac ATS and CTS models. We can also expect some nice leather upholstery in the higher trim levels, and maybe even heated and ventilated front seats.

Buick Avenir 2016 interior

Buick Avenir 2016 specs

When it comes to performance Buick also wasn’t bragging too much, but for now at least we know that this vehicle will comes with V6 engine. To be competitive in its segment Buick Avenir 2016 engine must produce more than 400 horsepower. It will be paired with nine speed automatic transmission and equipped with cylinder deactivation and auto stop/start. Power will be transferred to all wheels and shifter will be mounted on steering wheel. One of the main differences between Avenir and the rest of the Buick range is the rear wheel drive it comes with, will the rest of the range comes with front wheel drive. Simply Buick engineers realized that a flagship sedan must have all the performance goodies that come with RWD.

2016 Buick Avenir concept news, release date, price

2016 Buick Avenir release date and price

There is no information about the future price of 2016 Buick Avenir Concept, since we are talking about a prototype version only. If we look the competition we can expect the price tag to be around $60,000. Production version might be presented on 2015 La Auto Show, which is the earliest they can fully build it up. If that will be the case we can expect Avenir sales to start as early as spring 2016. Definitely Buick Avenir 2016 will be the most expensive Buick vehicle on the market.

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