2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid, Colors, Pictures

2016 Toyota Prius – Toyota started producing Toyota Prius back in 1997. Since then, this model has gone through several generational changes, the latest one being unveiled in 2009. Prius brought about the inception of hybrid cars. Competition keeps getting stiff each year and Toyota is determined to keep their number 1 slot in the market by making improvements to the Prius.

2016 Toyota Prius Red Side View

New Toyota – new look

Rumor has it that the 2016 Toyota Prius will thrust its market dominance to a new level. Toyota plans to use the New Global Architecture Platform so as to lower the vehicle’s production cost in addition to making it lighter. This will be a complete revised look compared to its current models. Having this revised look, the 2016 Prius is anticipated to have a sportier look as compared to its current model, making a distinction between the different generations.

2016 Toyota Prius Exterior

Toyota Prius Accessories

Some of the impressive remodeling features to be included in the 2016 Toyota prius include: new Architecture platform providing a lower COF (center of gravity), lighter structure, improved driving dynamics, cheaper vehicle production, new exterior look etc. The new Prius model will take most of its inspiration from the Hybrid Synergy Drive which will define the backbone structure of its drive train system. Reduced CO2 emissions will be part of this new model as a result of it being lower in cost and lighter in weight.

2016 Toyota Prius Dashboard

Under the hood of the new Toyota Prius 2016

Speculations around the new 2016 Toyota Prius indicate that this 4th generation model will feature a new hybrid system with a powerful ultra efficient gasoline engine having lithium ion batteries. A 1.8l petrol engine with a more powerful battery pack and higher power will be offered. The rear and front wheels will separate the battery power and engine power. 2016 Prius will offer AWD, except hybrid characteristic only in the combined cycle. Toyota is proud of its new model and the efficiency it offers such as its incomparable fuel economy.

The exact specifications, EPA and horsepower rating are yet to be determined, though rumors suggest that this new engine will deliver more than 40% thermal efficiency rates. This is better than the previous model which has 38.5% thermal efficiency rate. With this increase, an 8% increase in the fuel economy will be achieved.

2016 Toyota Prius Engine

2016 Toyota Prius release date and price

The 4th generation Toyota Prius started sales in the end of 2015. Facts are already clear that this new model will bring about many changes to the market starting with a whole complete design, new platform and a hybrid drive. All of the above have a positive impact on the sale and performance of the 2016 Toyota Prius.

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