2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes – The Q70 is one of the more interesting cars in its class because it simply doesn’t feel like anything else. It looks sharp, it comes packed with technology and its engines are among the most impressive in the mid-size luxury cars segment. However, it has been released back in 2010 and despite the fact it received an update with the 2015 model back in December 2014, the car remained pretty much unchanged with the exception of a long wheelbase model. Luckily, this is going to change with the new Infiniti Q70 2017 which seems to be an all new model rather than just a mild facelift.

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date and price

This 2017 Infiniti Q70 is also going to be the one to send the trend for the future cars from Infiniti meaning it will have to impress a lot of people. So far we know that the upcoming model will be released to the public some time at the end of 2016 and it will actually be available for sale starting with December 2016. Its price, while unknown at this point, should be very similar to that of the current model. This means that the base model will start at nearly $50,000 and it will go up from there to more than $80,000, depending on the model of choice.

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes

2017 Infiniti Q70 changes

While it will be an all new car, the 2017 Infiniti Q70 is expected to retain the same rear wheel drive platform but this time it will be upgraded with lightweight materials such as aluminum and composites in order to reduce the weight of the car and also reduce the NVH levels. The suspension will also see an upgrade which will most likely consist out of adaptive shock absorbers which should solve the problems of the 2015 model which is just too hard to a luxury sedan.

2017 Infiniti Q70 release date, price, changes


Engine wise, the new Infiniti Q70 2017 should actually make use of new or improved engines which do have the potential to make the car something great. The base model might be some of the first cars in Infiniti’s roster to make use of a Mercedes powertrain, a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 which could offer with ease more than 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque while offering nearly 30 MPG on the highway, a great improvement over the old 3.7 liter V6. Further up the range both the current V6 and the V8 will likely be carried over unchanged on the long wheelbase version of the car. The normal model on the other hand could actually receive a high performance version to compete with the RS6 or the CTS-V which could make use of a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 with more than 600 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque which is basically the same engine from the GT-R. All models of the new 2017 Infiniti Q70 will come as standard with a tweaked version of the old 7 speed dual-clutch automatic and with either rear or all wheel drive.

New Infiniti Q70 2017 release date, price, changes

New Infiniti Q70 2017 redesign

The exterior will be different from that of the current model but it will keep its spirit alive. This means that the proportions of the new Infiniti Q70 2017 as well as the general styling scheme might be kept but Infiniti is likely going to take a more aggressive approach with a lower roof-line, a wider body which will be made possible thanks to the improved platform as well as an all new aerodynamic kit for the upcoming sport version of the car. Many people suggested that the new Q70 will borrow a lot of the design of the Etherea and Q80 concept. Inside the cabin on the other hand things will also change for the better. The 2017 Infiniti Q70 will get a more minimalistic interior which will certainly make a lot of people happy and it should offer better materials on the base model such as aluminum and premium leather.

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