6 things you should know about ECU Tuning Files

Chip tuning is a simple and extremely effective method of electronic engine tuning. It allows the engine power and torque to be increased by remapping the appropriate controllers located in the electronic control unit (ECU), and thus taking advantage of the engine’s full potential.

This procedure is becoming increasingly popular among car enthusiasts who want to customize their cars. However, it is important to rely on the help of experienced specialists, who will know how to maximize the potential of the vehicle without exceeding safe parameters.

Tuning specialists use software that enables reading, saving and modifying ECUs. In this article, we present 6 important things that you need to know about chip tuning programs and ECU controllers.

What car performance parameters can be changed by ECU remapping?

ECU remapping (modifying the engine’s operating parameters) allows increasing its power and torque. Of course, the results you can achieve depend on the engine and vehicle model. It is important to be aware that chip tuning is a method whose effectiveness is based on a very individual approach and adapting the program to a specific model.

Apart from increasing the vehicle’s performance, the chip tuning can also reduce fuel consumption and increase driving comfort. Cars that have undergone proper chip tuning are more comfortable to drive. Controllers affect parameters such as the angle and pressure of injection, turbocharging pressure and fuel dose.

How to extract ECU files from your car

An ECU, or electronic control unit, is a device that controls the operation of an internal combustion engine. You can say that this is the “brain” of your car. All parameters of the car’s operation are saved in the ECU in the form of maps (tables with data). In order to be able to modify them, and thus affect the power and torque of the engine and many other parameters (including the fuel dose, injection angle, turbocharging pressure and fuel injection pressure), you must first extract the maps from the ECU.

The way to access ECU data without having to open the control unit is to use the right program. One of them is CMD Flash. This device allows you to connect to the car’s computer through the diagnostic socket (OBD). CMD Flash allows to read and save data that does not require decoding.

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How to open the ECU engine controller

The basis for effective chip tuning is the selection and appropriate modification of the program, so as to take advantage of the full potential of the engine, but not to exceed it, which may result in serious failure. The way in which the program is installed in the control unit is not important for the final effect.

In older vehicles, access to the control unit is obtained by interfering with the vehicle’s mechanics. You should desolder and reprogram the EPROM memory or flash of the controller. Of course, it makes the process more complicated and more difficult, but it is possible.

However, in most modern vehicles, access to the ECU controller is obtained by using the appropriate program, which is loaded via the interface through the diagnostic socket (OBD).

How to modify ECU files

Remapping parameters from the control unit should be adapted to the model of the engine as well as the car. Chip tuning allows to significantly increase the power and torque of the engine, but in many cases, excessive operation can result in vehicle failure. The most important thing is that the program should be properly adjusted and modified for the particular car model.

The modification of files for tuning is done by companies that use specific, tested tools and programs for this purpose. Programs by AlienTech (K-TAG and KESSv3), Autotuner, BFLASH and MAGPRO2 X17 are among the most popular on the market. Using file modification services and professional tools allows customizing controllers according to your needs.

Where to buy ECU controllers

When buying ECU files, it is important to find a supplier who, besides an attractive price, offers high-quality products. TC-Performance is a professional brand that provides proven ECU software, prepared by experienced engineers. All the controllers are absolutely safe for the control unit and are dyno tested.

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What is an ECU Description File?

An ECU Description File is an A2L (or ASAP2) file. It describes the ECU parameters (characteristics and measurements) as well as the interface of the electronic control unit, that is information on how to gain access to all the data. It is used in the process of ECU calibration and testing.