Things That Can Help You Protect Your Truck

Whether you have just gotten a brand new pickup truck or if the cover of your old truck’s bed has finally torn, then you are probably looking for new ways to protect the bed. Without doing enough research on the types of protection, you probably have had bad experiences with your previous choices and you are wondering if there is any other solution to your problem.

Luckily, yes there are more than a few solutions to such an issue. Not only will these protect the exterior of your vehicle, but it will also make it more useful or maybe even prettier to look at. Since most manufacturers from the automotive industries do not include such accessories when you buy the vehicle, you will have to supply yourself with one. This is why we have made a list of some of the best accessories and things you could do to shield the exterior of your car.

1. Cover up your truck


If you have been sparing your vehicle the last couple of years from too much driving, but you still see some serious damage on the exterior, that means that you have to do something to shield it from the environment.

Sometimes it is damage from rain, snow or damage from UV lights, or maybe even a cat has jumped up on the hood scratching it all up. No matter what it is, almost any of these can ruin the appearance of your pickup making it look much older than it really is. You should also consider buying protection if you often park your car in indoor private parking, because a lot of people do not pay attention when leaving the parking and may scratch up your sides or bumpers.

The solution to all of these problems is to simply buy yourself a truck cover which can prevent almost a hundred percent of the damage. By purchasing such an accessory in time, you are ensuring that your truck will stay safer, more durable and will hold its resale value in the future compared to when it is all scratched up.

However, it is not just about buying any cover you find on the market as there can be a bunch of different manufacturers who deliver different quality in materials. Some can prevent scratches from other cars while some are just used to prevent dust buildup in the back of your pickup. So, the choice depends on your situation, location, and climate.

2. Coat the bed with a Bedliner


This is probably one of the more effective ways to keep the bed of your truck to shield it from scratches, holes and the grip of it will prevent any slips when you climb onto it. You might be thinking that you do not need one since most pickups come with a bedliner from the factory, but the aftermarket ones are more effective.

Not only are they much more effective in its defense against damage, but you can also pick them in any color you want. You could also pick ones that are made to be resistant to water, gas or oil or pick ones that provide a grip that will prevent your cargo from slipping. You can read here at Carcaretotal about the best roll on bedliners.

3. Regular Bed Cover


If you get yourself a quality and reliable bed cover it will surely protect the bed of your pickup from any elements in the atmosphere such as dust, rain, snow or sun, but it will also make thieves think twice before they start going through your stuff in the back. Some of these covers can also come with additional features such as locks, compartments, and shelving so you can organize your tools and other items you usually take with yourself.

If you dish out a bit more cash for a sturdier one, you can even store items on top of it. If you go for a quality plastic or ABS material, you could even put your quad or bike on top of it.

4. A Tonneau Bed Cover


This is one of those sturdier covers that you will have to pay a bit more, but you will definitely get more features and more protection. Yeah, the terminology on this one is a bit weird, but it is actually very effective and most truck owners have one either to protect their cargo or to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle when going on longer trips.

You can either go for a softcover or for a hardcover one. The softer ones which are made from vinyl may not give you so much protection as the hardcover ones, but they are much easier to remove, install and transport. Hardcovers are much more durable and can even keep out thieves from fiddling with the items in the back of your pickup, but it is pretty bulky which means you cannot transport it as easily as the other one.

5. Canopy or Truck Topper


This is a bit more complicated than the other option we have mentioned on this list. It is a more rigid solution and it comes as a housing accessory on the back of your truck. They are mostly made out of aluminum, fiberglass and sometimes even from wood, depending on what you choose while you are out purchasing one.

The canopy is also referred to as the camper shell because when you add such an accessory you are legally turning your truck into an RV which means you can camp in it.

6. Locking storage


While this is not an accessory that will defend the exterior of your vehicle from outside elements, but it will surely create a space where you can safely keep valuable cargo. You can easily organize the more fragile stuff so they do not tumble around with heavier items in the back. If you are the type of person that uses their truck for work, we recommend that this is one of the first things that you buy.

7. Protect your tailgate


Do you hate how your tailgate always slams down when you forget to hold it down while opening it? Well, all of us that have trucks hate that, especially the sound it makes. This is why we advise you that you get tailgate assists that can control the weight of the tailgate so it doesn’t drop as hard.