How to Ship Your Car to Another State in 2023

When making arrangements to move out-of-state, you might run into unforeseen speed bumps when shipping your car to its final destination. These issues can arise when transporting more than one car or attempting to self-transport your vehicle across state borders. Regardless of the circumstances, hiring an auto transport company like GuardianAutoTransport is always a solution to your shipping-related crises.

Investing in professional-grade auto transport services is a safe and secure way to ship a vehicle from one place to another without hassle. You can choose the open-air option if you’re interested in keeping the cost as low as possible. If budget restrictions aren’t a concern, and you’d like to protect your classic car from harsh weather conditions and airborne debris, enclosed auto transport is your best bet.

When preparing to relocate cross-country, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the auto transportation process. Relying wholeheartedly on your shipping provider to steer you in the right direction and warn you of potential hazards is risky. Taking a proactive approach to your vehicle’s safety will yield positive results.

How the auto transport process works


The auto transport process starts with one call. When speaking with the auto transport company’s representatives, they’ll want to know specific details about your vehicle, including:

  • The address of the pickup point
  • The address of the final destination
  • The date you need the vehicle to arrive at its final destination
  • Car details: color, make, model, year, the estimated value, etc.
  • Whether or not you want additional insurance
  • Name of authorized recipient of the vehicle who will sign the necessary paperwork at the final destination

Schedule a pick-up date


After collecting relevant information, the company should be able to provide you with a quote for services. Assuming you accept the proposal, you would sign the contract, and the company would schedule a pick-up date for the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the auto transport company may be transporting several vehicles to the same general area. In working out the necessary logistics, the shipping provider might insist on picking-up your vehicle as early as possible. As a matter of convenience and savings, you could rent a car until it’s time to move to your final destination.
Wait for the carrier to arrive at the pickup point

On the day of pickup, a transport vehicle will arrive at the pickup point. In some cases, this carrier will be the same individual who will transport your car to the final destination. It’s also possible the pickup carrier will only be picking up your vehicle and delivering it to a warehouse for storage until transport day.

Confirm the level of insurance coverage


While in transit, the auto transport company is responsible for the well-being of your vehicle. However, the company’s liability is limited unless you decide to purchase transport insurance. By doing so, you can protect your car from a variety of damage: rock chips, exterior dents, etc.

Receive the vehicle at your designated drop-off point

When the vehicle arrives at the drop-off destination, the authorized recipient needs to be present to accept the car. It’s imperative for the recipient to thoroughly inspect the car for damage that might have occurred in transit. If there is damage, the recipient would need to file a report under your signature. If everything looks good, the recipient will sign the receipt document, and the transport company will receive payment.


In most cases, transporting a vehicle from one state to another is very affordable, certainly more affordable than having to buy a new car. If you’re looking for an auto transport solution for your upcoming move, visit online forums like Reddit for recommendations on shipping providers in your area. Choose wisely, as your $10,000+ investment depends on it.