Choosing The Right BDS Suspension Kit For Your Vehicle (2024)

Choosing The Right BDS Suspension Kit

So, you’ve got a sweet ride but aren’t totally satisfied with how it’s handling these days. No judgement — it happens to the best of us. Before you send your truck to the parking lot, have you considered getting a suspension lift kit?

Brands like BDS make killer kits that can breathe new life into tired suspensions. But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for your car? We’ll walk you through picking the ideal BDS suspension kit to give your truck the love it deserves.

Figure Out How You’ll Use Your Ride

Choosing BDS Suspension Kit


First things first — you’ve got to think about how exactly you plan on using your ride. Do you see yourself going off-roading on the weekends? Or maybe you haul a lot of heavy equipment for work and need something durable that can handle the extra weight.

Take a moment to envision how you’ll use your vehicle most. Make a list if it helps. Getting clear on your needs from the get-go will help you narrow down your options so you can snag a suspension kit that works with your lifestyle, not against it.

Set A Budget Before Glancing At Shiny Lifts

BDS kits range can set you back a couple thousand bucks. Of course, that lift kit with all the bells and whistles may have your name written all over it. But don’t let those shiny add-ons make you lose sight of what you can realistically afford.

Set a maximum budget. Once you do, shop our range of BDS suspension or any other brands you prefer and settle for the right fit within your budget.

Do Some Homework Before You Buy

Doing a bit of research before you buy is key for finding your perfect match.

  • Read reviews and see what other enthusiasts are saying about different BDS suspension kits.
  • Compare the features so you understand exactly what you’re getting – and not getting.
  • Chat with your mechanic or join off-roading forums to get advice from folks with firsthand experience.

The research part may not be glamorous, but it’ll pay off when you end up with the perfect kit for your needs. Even if you’ve fallen hard for a specific kit, take a beat to make sure it’s the one before heading to checkout.

Choose A Lift Height For Your Needs

Most kits give you between 2 and 6 inches of lift. You may feel the urge to get the biggest, baddest lift out there, but more height isn’t always better for your specific needs.

Think back to how you’ll use your vehicle. Lots of heavy hauling? Stick to smaller 2-3 inch lifts to keep things stable. Weekend trail warrior? A 4-6 inch lift will better equip you for off-road conditions without compromising too much handling.

Get The Right Shocks


Your suspension’s shocks play a huge role in controlling bounce and giving you a smooth, comfortable ride. The wrong shocks can leave you feeling like you’re on a bucking bronco going down the highway.

Luckily, BDS suspension kits come with shock options to fit different needs. Going off-road a lot? Get shocks designed specifically for rugged terrain. Do most of your driving on paved roads? There are shocks that prioritize street performance over trail.

Take the time to get the right ones. It’ll do your back and your passengers a lot of good the next time you hit the trails or cruise down the interstate.

Consider Upgrades Like Steering Stabilizers

While you’re picking out your suspension kit, take a look at some of the add-ons they offer too. Things like steering stabilizers are great for controlling sway if you go bigger on lift height and tires.

Upgraded brake lines handle better stopping power. And if you’ll be off-roading a lot, skid plates protect important underside components from rocks and debris.

The base kits may not come cheap, but some upgrades take your whole system to the next level. If they fit in your budget, they’re worth considering.

Give some thought to how long you plan on keeping your truck and what kind of performance matters most. Investing a little more upfront in key upgrades now can give you better handling, control, and protection for years of fun on and off the beaten path!

Leave It To The Professionals

Alright, you’ve researched kits, set your budget, and chosen ideal shocks to go with that fresh lift. There’s often the temptation to handle that installation yourself — but don’t risk it.

Getting a BDS suspension lift kit properly installed can be a complicated business. Even the most seasoned DIY-er can run into issues that lead to problems down the road.

Take your kit to a trusted mechanic or installation shop. Paying their labor fees beats paying to fix mistakes you might make trying to tackle it solo.

In Closing


There you have it — a straight-talk guide to finding the perfect BDS suspension solution for your needs and budget. Follow the advice shared in this guide, and soon you’ll be cruising in lifted style with a suspension that can handle whatever roads or trails you throw at it.