Best Options for Upgrading your Suspension

Are the suspensions of your care problematic? Then it might be a good idea to replace them. IN this article, we will discuss the best options for upgrading the suspension. We will also go through which options are the best and why.

Options for Upgrading Suspension?

Here is a list of upgrades that you can try for your car:

Sway Bars or Anti-Roll Bars


One of the simplest modifications is to install sway bars or anti-roll bars. The anti-roll bar is a type of lever that connects the opposite wheel. When cornering, the outside suspension and wheel are under intense pressure. This results in a roll and the anti-roll bars connect the two back wheels or front wheels; however, the bar is under pressure when cornering, affecting the wheels.

This tension or buildup of pressure is necessary, as it enables the anti-roll bar to lift the inside wheel, effectively leveling the car corners and reducing the roll.

Strut Tower Braces

This is another effective component that can upgrade your car’s suspension. This is a bolt-on upgrade, and it links the front tower braces, distributing the torsional force that affects the suspensions while cornering.

When the Strut Tower braces are installed, they reduce the stress on the suspensions while cornering. These braces also keep the suspensions optimized for corner tasks and keep the components fixed.

While you may feel a difference immediately after installing the braces, the strut braces will improve the cornering abilities and chassis stiffness.

Tires and Wheels


Installing good-quality tires will make a difference when upgrading a car’s suspension. However, depending on what you require from your car, this upgrade can be expensive. With so many dramatic advancements in the tire industry, high-end tires offer better road grip, reduce hydroplaning, and give a better straight-line performance. While there are other upgradation options, it is best to start with upgrading your car’s tires.

Upgrading Air Suspension

Air suspension kits are extremely popular right now; however, before you go for this upgradation, there are a few things you need to know. While air suspensions have many positives, they can only improve driving quality when the conditions are comfortable.

Depending on your setup, air suspension can heighten the car or lower it at the touch of a button. The suspension can also give you better haul or tow capabilities. Just by enhancing the firmness of the springs, the suspension can lift a heavier load.

Rebuild the Suspension


This upgrade option is for the fanatics, although there is always an option to buy a brand new suspension. This upgrade will cost time and a lot of money, but if you are passionate about rebuilding your suspension, the investment is worth it.


Why do people use coilovers when they are trying to upgrade their suspension? The answer is simple, coilovers are a type of shock absorber. The only difference is that the Coilover shock absorber has a coil wrapped around it.

While nowadays, modern cars are fitted with coilovers, they are designed better to balance road-holding capabilities, cost, and comfort. While new coilovers may jeopardize one factor, they will improve the other two factors.

For instance, installing professional and high-quality coilovers with stiffer coil compression rates, height adjustment, and a dedicated shock absorber will impact the suspension of the vehicle. Usually, most coilovers come with a stiff setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Upgrade the Suspension?

There are many reasons why drivers want to upgrade their suspensions; some are better road performance, increased load carrying capabilities, and high vehicle clearance. If you tow or carry heavy loads often, you will need to upgrade your suspension, as they will increase vehicle safety and handle the load.

The suspension can maintain the vehicle’s balance and prevent it from sagging. Lastly, upgrading your suspension can improve comfort on and off the road. Which Sensen shocks are the best? Read the Sensen Shocks Review to get an idea.

Which Suspension Upgrade is the Best?


If you are looking for a suspension upgrade, you will need to do a few things. Firstly, you will need to see what your requirements and expectations are about your vehicle. Do you own a luxury car and don’t use it often, or do you own a car that is used regularly? Are you looking for better performance or significant even track driving?

If you want your car to be low and as stanced as possible, you must go for the following options:

  • Lowering your springs
  • Coilovers
  • Air suspension

While each option has its advantages and disadvantages, they will greatly improve your car’s suspension.

However, if you want more from the suspension, such as significant improvements in handling and an adjustable ride height, you should opt for the Coilover option. Even low-budget coilovers available in the market can get the job done.

Can Suspension Upgrades make the Ride Harsher?

Yes! When you make upgrades to the suspension, there is a chance that you might experience harsher rides. This will typically occur when the car is lowered from its stock. However, nowadays, the compromise is minimal at best, and those who go for suspension upgrades rarely complain about anything.

What is the Purpose of the Suspension?

The suspension has the following functions:

  • Maximizing the contact between the road surface and the tires.
  • Providing good handling and steering ability.
  • Evenly supporting the car’s weight.
  • Ensuring passenger comfort by dampening and absorbing shock.

The suspension system works rigorously to ensure your vehicle experiences as little stress as possible. The components of the suspension mechanism are located between the road and the car’s frame. Well-tuned suspensions will absorb other imperfections and bumps on the road, enabling the driver to travel comfortably and safely.

You also need to consider the air in the tires since the tires are the only car component that comes in contact with the suspensions.


This article discusses the best options that you can use to upgrade your suspension system. We have also discussed the importance of suspension upgrades and the purpose of the suspension in the vehicle.