5 Dangers Of Driving With Worn-Out Brakes

Accidents happen, but did you know that worn-out brakes cause roughly 300,000 accidents yearly? It’s not one of the top five reasons for car accidents, but this number is on the high side. Signs of worn-out brakes include screeching sounds, shaking of the steering wheel, and warning lights.

As you pass the 50 thousand miles cumulative journey mark, you will likely hit one of these signs. It’s time to look for a “brake shop near you.”

What Happens When You Drive With Worn-Out Brakes?

The answer to whether you can drive with worn-out brakes is yes, but it is not without risks. If you drive your car with worn-out brakes for an extended period, the brake pads won’t be able to effectively slow the vehicle, as they can no longer exert enough friction. As a result, you are bound to experience the following dangers:

1. Accidents

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Since worn-out brakes decrease the rate you can halt your car, you are at a high risk of causing numerous accidents, regardless of your driving prowess. If damaged brake linings are in contact with wet roads, the situation can deteriorate even further, increasing the risk to your life. The odds of stopping your car are in favor of something else, hopefully, not another vehicle.

2. Increased Repair Costs

Worn-out brakes not only put you at risk of causing accidents, but you will also have to bear increased costs because worn-out brake pads lead to the wrapping of the brake rotor linings, and replacing them comes with a hefty price.

3. Hitting Pedestrians

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Whether you are driving your car at a fast or slow speed, there is a high likelihood that you will hit pedestrians or passersby. At this point, your only hope is that your brakes are in proper working order; otherwise, you may not be able to stop your car in time.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid such dangers by looking for a “brake shop near me”, especially if you intend to drive in a crowded place.

4. Worn-Out Breaks Can Wear Down Your Tires

Taking care of your brakes also means taking care of your tires. When your car has worn-out brakes, you slam on the brake pedals more often as you try to slow down. This frequent hard braking causes your tires to wear down more quickly, making them unbalanced.

You want to avoid having an unpleasant road trip every day. Therefore, the best course of action is to take immediate action by locating a brake repair shop near you.

5. Vibration During Braking

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You do not want to compromise the comfort of driving in your car. In essence, perfectly functioning brakes lead to a smooth stop. In contrast, you are bound to feel vibrations emanating from your car when you slam on worn-out brake pads. The steering wheel stops vibrating when you take your foot off the brake pedal, which is a horrible experience.

Bottom Line: Refrain From Firm Driving With Worn-Out Brakes

An estimated 25% of drivers drive with worn-out brakes. Do not be one of them. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So if your brakes are worn out or need a brake inspection, brake repair has never been easier with mobile repair services.

You can also search for a local automotive “brake repair shop” online. Most of these online repair shops do their repairs on-site.