How Can I Estimate the Potential Compensation of My Car Accident Case?

If you have been in a car accident and suffered injuries and other losses, you may be considering filing a claim against the other party. However, before proceeding, you may be curious to know how much your car accident case may be worth and whether it may even be worth your time to file a claim.

If so, Casares Law wants you to know that ultimately, the amount you will receive for your accident claim will depend on several factors. Read on to find out what they are.

What Types of Damages Can You Seek in a Car Accident Claim?

Although medical expenses are generally the category that has the largest impact on the value of a car accident claim, other factors such as the severity and extent of your injuries also play an important role. Other important items that contribute to the final amount you may receive include the wages you lost by not being able to go to work, your pain and suffering, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Being well-informed as to the types of damages you can claim will help you calculate your settlement. When you have the right information, it is easier for you not to fall under pressure from the insurance companies or the lawyer for the other side to accept a low payout.

The types of compensation you can pursue after being injured in a car accident can be divided into two main sections, economic and non-economic. Let’s see what they are.

Economic Damages


Economic damages are those that are easy to quantify and are backed up by bills you have received or paid and those you know you will incur. These may include:

  • The medical costs associated with the diagnosis and treatment of your injuries such as doctor’s appointments, prescribed medications, physical therapy, and others
  • Expenses to cover needed medical supplies or equipment
  • The cost of all medications, including those you have been prescribed and any you have purchased over the counter
  • Wages you have lost by being unable to work, also including any commissions or bonuses you may have missed out on
  • Services you now need to hire such as child care, lawn mowing services, and any others
  • Replacement or repair costs for personal property that has been lost or damaged due to the accident

By keeping a detailed file of all your bills and expenses, you and your car accident attorney can come up with an exact figure to cover your economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages


Non-economic damages are those that are much more difficult to quantify but are nevertheless important for the value of your case. When you are living with the emotional toll that the accident has placed on you, you deserve compensation for these effects.

Your car accident attorney can help you place a value on items like:

  • The pain you are dealing with because of your injuries
  • The emotional distress that has developed since the crash
  • Reduced enjoyment of life and of the activities that used to bring you joy before the accident
  • The effects that any permanent scarring, disfigurement, or injuries have had on your life

Your attorney will use a formula to place a fair value on your non-economic damages.

By combining both amounts, you can get a clear estimate of the potential compensation for your car accident case. In some cases, a judge may also award you punitive damages. But this is generally only in cases where it is important to punish the liable party for particularly negligent behavior and to set an example to others who may resort to similar conduct.

Who Will Pay for Your Losses After the Accident?


Ultimately, the amount you may get for your case will depend on the specifics of your case, the extent and severity of your injuries, the vehicles that were involved in the accident, and the limits on any available insurance coverage.

To improve your chances of receiving a fair payout, get medical treatment right away for your injuries, request a copy of the police report at the scene of the accident, take pictures of the cars, their damage, and your injuries, and keep a detailed file of your recovery.