2016 GMC Savana Interior Exterior Engine

When the General Motors Company introduced the first version of Savana, back in 1996, they could not imagine how popular this full-size van will become. This van has become especially popular in North America, where it is one of the best selling full-size vans in the market. While there are many different things that made the Savana popular, experts say that the wide variety of customization options are the best thing that about this van. Now, the American manufacturer plans to unveil a new version, known as 2016 GMC Savana.
2016 GMC Savana Front Side

Exterior of 2016 GMC Savana

The 2016 GMC Savana is expected to come with a whole new design, but we should not expect any changes in the size or the overall dimensions of this full-size van, because the American manufacturer decided to continue using the chassis that is used in the previous model. When it comes to the design changes on the exterior, the new 2016 GMC Savana is going to have a brand new headlights (with new LED elements, new shape and integrated LED daytime running lights), grille is still going to house the large GMC logo, but it is going to have a different shape and along with that new Savana will have a bulkier front bumper. On the back of the van, the American manufacturer decided to keep the minimalistic design and because of that there are no many different elements on the back – smaller taillights and a relatively small rear bumper. Depending on the trim level, the new 2016 GMC Savana might have lots of chrome accents and big alloy wheels.
2016 GMC Savana Exterior

2016 GMC Savana Interior

On the inside of the 2016 GMC Savana, first thing you are going to notice is that this van is designed with functionality and comfort in mind. GMC decided to continue offering the new Savana in three different versions, just like its predecessor. These versions are: cutaway, cargo and passenger version. The last version is the most interesting to the most potential customers, because it can take up to 15 adult passengers, which makes this van ideal for those with big families or businesses who work in transport. Some of the features and equipment that even the base version of the 2016 GMC Savana is going to have are: Bluetooth connectivity, automatic air conditioning, satellite navigation and a solid sound system. The cargo space of the 2016 GMC Savana has increased and now this van can carry up to 10,000 kgs.
2016 GMC Savana Interior

2016 Savana Engine

The 2016 GMC Savana is offered with three different engines. First is the 4.8l Vortec, second is the 5.5l Vortec V8 and the third is the 6.6l Durmax V8 engine. These engines will produce from 260 to 350 horsepower and will be offered only with the 6-speed automatic transmission. The American manufacturer plans to offer the 2016 GMC Savana in two different options also: rear wheel and all wheel drive.
2016 GMC Savana Engine

Price of new GMC Savana 2016

The price of the base version of the 2016 GMC Savana is going to be around $27,000.
2016 GMC Savana Side View

Release date

The 2016 GMC Savana should go on sale in the next couple of weeks.

More info: http://media.gmc.com/media/us/en/gmc/vehicles/savana/2016.html