How Long Does A Mechanic Have to Fix Your Car?

How long does a mechanic have to fix your car? People who often come with this query should know that there is no estimated time for repairing a vehicle. It depends on what types of issues you’re having with your car.

You may have different issues with your car, for instance, low fuel economy, flat tires, dead battery, overheating, minor or major accident, etcetera.

Whatever the reason is, you have to identify it at first. Afterward, you can estimate the maximum and the minimum time the mechanic can take to fix it.

Usually, a mechanic takes one to two weeks to fix normal disputes of a car. If the problems are smaller, like scratches on the vehicle, fuel exchange, cooling the car, it’ll need a maximum of 1 day to fix.

Let’s discuss more details considering few issues:

How Long Does A Mechanic Have to Fix Your Car?


Not all car problems require the mechanic to fix them. Some issues you can repair by yourself like exchanging the fuel, cooling the overheated car, etcetera.

But there are some standard clauses which will compulsorily take you to a repairman.

Let’s see what they are and how long does a mechanic has to fix those issues. You can also check the blog Authoritybeast to keep yourself updated with these types of essential tips and tricks.

The Small Car Issues Don’t Take Longer

The small car issues like tire rotation, fuel change, tire rotation don’t take long. An experienced mechanic can complete these smaller works of the car only within 30 minutes.

Extensive Car Issues Take Several Hours

How long does a mechanic take to repair a car’s extensive issues like repairing the break, air conditioning? Well, the answer is not specific. It may take one hour, two hours, or even several hours.

Windshield Replacement and Repair May Take a Whole Day


Typically, the windshield repair only takes 30 minutes to complete. Conversely, the windshield replacement needs 60 minutes or less than 60 minutes. But, it happens when your mechanic has no other task or emergencies to do.
Moreover, after repairing or replacing the windshield, driving the car is not supported by the mechanic for a whole day. Considering all the circumstances, replacing the windshield of a vehicle may require an entire day.

Minor Body Work Might Take a Whole Day

Due to the direct UV sun rays, a car can lose its original color, making it unattractive. Regardless, the scratches, dents, or digs reduces the actual life expectancy of the car.

These are the repairable body works into a car on which everyone doesn’t pay attention. That’s because such minor work isn’t noticeable in a vehicle.

However, an experienced mechanic won’t take longer than 24 hours to fix these small car issues. You can repaint your car, repair its bumper, remove the scratches and dents from it yourself. But like the experienced, you cannot refinish the maintenance tasks within a day.

Repairing the internal parts of the car takes one to two weeks

Next comes the car’s internal parts, including the engine, battery, radiator, transmission, etcetera. If there are any disputes about your car battery, engine, or radiator, you’ll have to repair it immediately.
You might need to replace the parts of the car when required. But, not everyone can replace or repair a car’s battery despite of a mechanic. It needs one to two weeks for a mechanic to repair those parts based on his expertise.

The Unforeseen Issues of the Car May Take a Long Time to Fix


When a car goes through an accident, any sort of visible and invisible disputes may occur. On the basis of the dispute types and depth, repairing a vehicle might take one month and more.

The significant damage of a car causes unbudgeted costs, but insurance companies cover the costs or some of the costs.

Why Car Repairing Takes Longer Time Than Expectations?

Some unexpected causes may force the mechanic to take a long time to repair a car. Here we have identified some of them!

  • If a mechanic is an amateur, he’ll take a long time to fix even the small car issues.
  • An experienced mechanic cannot accomplish his task when there’s an emergency, especially when he becomes sick.
  • If you don’t pay repair costs timely, it gives the mechanic an excuse to delay their work. Your car goes into the collateral when your insurance company is unable to pay the repairing costs.

So, these are causes that make the mechanic take a longer time to repair your car. But, by consulting with the mechanic and insurer, hiring the mechanic from a recognized garage, you can minimize it.

The Sum Up!

Ultimately, a mechanic will keep your car to repair till you allow him. And you have to let him repair the vehicle until all the issues become fixed.

So, how long does a mechanic has to fix your car is actually a variable concept.