How To Massively Improve Your Car’s Audio Quality – 2023 Guide

The main reason why people love to upgrade their vehicles is that it offers high flexibility and a chance to create a unique model. You can buy additional parts and upgrades for any type of vehicle. In most cases, drivers prefer the improved design, better performances, and more comfortable interior. Also, the quality of sound is very important as well.

There is a wide selection of audio equipment that you can install in all sorts of vehicles. You can visit this website if you are interested in speakers available for boats. Moreover, when it comes to cars, the offer is even wider, and you can choose from many popular brands, or look for a more affordable option. However, if you want to get high-quality sound and advanced features, you will need to invest more.

Moreover, you will need to consider different devices and upgrades to ensure the highest quality of the speakers. Here are some of the best ways that will help you to enjoy more in your favorite tracks while driving.

Buy New Speakers


When it comes to standard and more affordable models, most brands will not spend so much on installing speakers with higher quality. Even more expensive and luxurious cars tend to have low-quality stereo systems. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the power output of the system, the best way is to replace it with a more powerful one. There is a wide selection of speakers, and if you are interested in premium products, check those made by popular brands like Pioneer, JBL, Alpine, Rockford, and more.

You will have to invest at least $1,000 to ensure a more superior sound. In addition to powerful speakers, you can buy an amplifier as well. It is not a rare case that the real output power of speakers is much lower than real potential. Therefore, with this device, you will have a much cleaner and louder music.

Install a Proper Audio Player


A lot of drivers don’t pay enough attention to this part of the music system. However, even when you install the high-end speakers and huge bass in the trunk, there is a chance that you won’t be satisfied with the quality. The main issue might be related to the quality of the processing device, which is not capable of providing the speakers with high-end sound. When you are looking to buy a new media player, focus on features like format support, available connection, analog converting, and equalizer.

It will provide much better sound than when you connect the smartphone directly via an AUX cable. For real music enthusiasts, you can install a separate equalizer to play around with frequencies more and make a perfect set-up for different genres. With this device, you will have much more control over frequencies, while a standard receiver can only bass, mid, and treble. Still, we don’t recommend you to increase the bass so much, which is a popular option. The reason is that it can affect other frequencies and the overall quality of every song. The best way is to make a proper set-up for various tracks.



Investing more money in proper isolation of the interior is another excellent way to significantly improve the quality of sound in the car. Many factors could negatively affect the comfort in the vehicle, such as loud environment, which is usual in crowded places, poor infrastructure, and bumpy roads. Also, your car’s engine might be too loud, which can also decrease the experience of enjoying music. There are various methods that you can use for proper isolation, and the most important is to add spray foam in places with poor isolation like doors.

Select Good Music Format


If you notice that the quality is not on the level that you were expecting, even after investing a few thousand in a new stereo system, the reason for that can be in the selection of files you were playing. A standard YouTube video might sound fine on a regular media player and low-powered speakers, where you can’t hear so many details. However, when you add a high-end setup with simplified and EQ, you will notice the difference between analog audio connection and higher processing rate, and poor quality 128 kbps files. The best option is to download high-quality tracks and keep them on USB attached to the media player.

Contact a Reliable Service


In case that you don’t have plenty of knowledge and experience about sound systems, or how to install them in your vehicle, you will need to hire an expert. The regular mechanic might know how to add those parts. However, the best solution is to look for a professional service with years of experience in upgrading sound systems in vehicles. That is especially important if you are interested in investing a lot of money in the equipment. Someone with a lack of experience might make some mistakes during the installation, which can cause a malfunction of that expensive equipment in the end.

Last Words

The level of quality that you want to achieve depend on your preferences and which genres of music you will play most of the time. Different genres require various setups. For instance, modern music genres like Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Techno, and other types of electronic music are focusing on bass and lower frequencies, and you will need a proper amplifier to process those tones properly, and keep a clear sound. When you select the reliable and high-quality products, you will only need to focus on settings and selection of better formats of music.

Also, you should never avoid adding a converter in the media player, which is especially good if you are planning to play music from your phone. The whole process is simple, and you only need to select the best options that could be added to your car. However, be sure to don’t over-upgrade the sound system, which is also a common case. Instead of that, look for a balance between speakers and bass, along with other parts of the system.