How to Modify Your Car for a More Modern Appearance – 2023 Guide

With leading car manufacturers releasing new models every year, the aesthetic of cars is constantly changing. Becoming sleeker and more stylish, it can cause older models to look old and dated. But with a few new additions and a bit of TLC, you can make your car look like the latest model.

Upgrade wheels


The wheel design of a car is often a giveaway to how old the car is. The majority of new cars now have sleek alloy wheels, while older cars will only have plastic rims. Simply upgrading your outdated and tired looking plastic rims for alloy wheels can instantly make your car appear not only more modern – but more expensive too.

Automatic gas struts

One feature that often goes unnoticed with modern cars is an automatically opening boot. This is a common and useful feature in modern cars, which many of us now take for granted. If your car doesn’t have an automatically opening boot, installing a set of gas struts from SGS Engineering will ensure your boot pops open automatically when you unlock the vehicle.

This simple little addition will not only make your car look more modern, but it will become one of the most helpful additions!



Older cars will often have dulled paint which can instantly age them. Getting your car detailed will bring back the factory-new shine the car once had. The shine and reflective qualities of the car paint is a major indicator of how new it is, so having this on your older car will help give the illusion of it being much newer.

And don’t forget, the colour choice will have an impact on the perception of age too. Traditionally cars in black, grey, silver, blue, and white are the most popular shades for new cars, so if you can only afford a second hand car, opt for these staple colours to help keep your motor looking modern.

Private reg plate

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The design of certain cars seems to belie their years – especially cars like Audis and Minis – leaving the registration plate the only real clue of a car’s age. Investing in a private reg plate can hide the car’s true age and will instantly make it look timeless.

Private number plates suggest confidence and sophistication, and they can also deter criminals too- while an old 03 reg plate might look enticing to a criminal, a private reg plate will put them off.

However, when buying a private registration, you should consider the age of your current car. Under some legislations you cannot put a private numberplate on your car that would make it appear newer than it is, only plates that match the year your car was made or older.

Regular maintenance


Of course, making sure your vehicle is regularly cleaned and maintained inside and out will instantly make it look more modern. Having a routine, whether you do it yourself, or have your car professionally valeted will keep it looking new.

This includes the interior too, making sure that any dust and debris is regularly cleared away so that your interior is looking new and fresh, it is also a good idea to buy a car air freshener, you can even get ones that smell like a new car, really adding to that new car feel.