Seeking a Window Tinting Service Near Me – Looking at the Benefits

If you’re looking to make an upgrade that will benefit you by a large degree, you should review the advantages associated with window tinting. Moreover, it helps to find a service nearby so you can have this installation done fast and conveniently.

Advantages of Using a Car Window Tinting Service Near Me

When you ask the question, “What are the benefits of using a car window tinting service near me?” you will find that tinting your auto glass can save you a lot of money and make driving the roadways safer and easier.

For example, tinting your auto glass reduces the expense for cooling your vehicle by up to 30%. It also reduces AC problems, as this component does not have to work as hard. In addition, you can block out almost 100% of harmful UV rays inside your car. It’s almost as good as having blackout drapes as you’ll prevent your carpet and the fabric on your seats from fading.


In addition, you can increase the comfort of your vehicle as you are evening out the amount of sun that enters the car. Adding the tint also reduces glare. Because glare can damage your eyes, you can also improve your eyesight and reduce the risk of hurting your cornea.

Do you want to have more privacy when you drive? If so, you can enjoy this benefit when you have your windows tinted on your car. You can use this upgrade to feel more secure without sacrificing the ability to see the road.

Also, consider this. All that sun streaming into your car can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer or aging prematurely. From a health and cosmetic standpoint then, adding the tint is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

So, how much tint do you need?

VLT Numbers


Window tints come with a VLT number, with VLT standing for visible light transmission. This number, which represents a percent, may range from 5 to 70. The lower the number, the less illumination enters the car.

For example, a tint film with a VLT of 70 is a lighter shade – one that blocks approximately 30% of the outside natural light. Alternatively, 5 is a very dark tint frequently used for limousine glass.

Window Tinting Laws in California

When tinting the front windows then, limit the number to 30% to 50% of the visible light transmission. You can learn more about car tinting laws for California at this website.


If you live in sunny California, don’t underplay the need for window tinting. Adding this UV block is helpful to you when you drive and reduces health risks as well. So, it’s one car upgrade you should strongly consider.