2015 Dodge Dart Turbo, Review, Exterior

2015 Dodge Dart still continues with boxy design and with option between 2 or 4 doors. It will be powered by 2,0-liter 4-inline mated with 9-speed automatic transmission.

2015 Dodge Dart Company

History of the Dodge Dart

The Dart was once a very common car in the 60’s and 70’s. It is manufactured by Chrysler Company. 1960 saw the inception of the first Dodge in the market. Back then, it was part of the full size Sedans class. The 2nd generation of the Dart was different from the 1st one and it belonged to the mid size class of sedans. Later on, the Dart was best referred as a compact sedan.

2015 Dodge Dart Rear Left Side

1976 was the year the end of the 4th generation production took place. After staying away from the market for a long time, the 5th generation was launched as the 2013 model. Earlier generations of Dodge Dart had a long distinctive box-like body style. It had the option of either four or two doors. When the 2013th model was resurrected, it was intended to replace the Dodge Caliber. The 5th generation Dart got an entire new look, more of a complete overhaul.

2015 Dodge Dart Front

Dodge Dart having first surfaced in the year 2013 as part of the Dodge line up of compact cars, offers a wide choice of speedy engine with high fuel efficient performance, which has been helpful for the Dart to acquire a wide and growing fan base. 2014 Dodge Dart is already available in various dealerships, and the 2015 Dart is expected to bring about a massive competition in the market ahead of 2015. Rumor suggests that the new Dart has gone through certain restyling that will make it better and more appealing than the current model. It has been entirely remodeled as compared to the previous generations of the 70’s. 2015 Dodge Dart will most likely resemble its predecessor.

2015 Dodge Dart Red

2015 Dodge Dart Redesign

The boxy look still remains in the new Dodge Dart, which is the only feature that has remained that was common in the previous models. It still offers 2 doors or 4 doors options which were used in the 2013 model. This model came as a replacement to the Dodge caliber which was later retired from production. Wheelbase and vehicle dimensions of the 5th generation model are quite long. 2015 Dodge Dart will be different from its predecessors, but no radical changes will be made to this model and it will be similar to the 5th generation 2013 model. This new generation boasts of a complete elegant and modern look while still retaining the 4 doors best referred as a family sedan. The engine cooling system of this 2015 model will be entirely new with palette having new colors added.

2015 Dodge Dart Exterior

Interior of 2015 Dodge Dart

As much as the interior design of the new 2015 Dodge Dart is being revisited, it is certain that all new and latest gizmos will grace the cabin. Being a 5 seater sedan, the dart still offers sufficient head and leg room. High quality new colors and new materials will transform the interior making it pretty warm and comfortable. It will feature state-of-the art safety and infotainment systems. Some of the incredible and advanced safety features include: airbags, stability and traction control, ABS etc.

2015 Dodge Dart Dashboard

Dodge Dart 2015 Engine

The biggest change the 2015 will have compared to the previous models will be the power train system. The 2.0l 4 cylinder engine will be part of the engine options offered. Additionally, a diesel and perhaps a hybrid variant will also be available. For better control and handling of the vehicle, the all wheel drive system will be standardized. A 9 speed automatic gearbox is still under preparation, so it’s not yet confirmed whether or not it will be used in the 2015 model.

2015 Dodge Dart Engine

2015 Dodge Dart Release date

The starting price for the 2015 model is from $16,495 for basic SE to $23,795 for Limited version. Manufacturing of 2015 Dodge Dart started in the 4th quarter of 2014, and was on the markets in the first quarter of 2015.

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