2015 Toyota Wish Review, Pictures, Specs

Toyota used plenty of time and craftsmanship on the design of the 2015 Toyota Wish. This Toyota MPV has a desirable and elegant exterior that is coupled with its luxurious and spacious interior. Its cabin will be similar to its previous model, with 3 rows of seats and a welcoming attitude portrayed all over the cabin.

2015 Toyota Wish Rear

2015 Toyota Wish Redesign

New Wish will make sale with new design improvements and modifications intended to market it highly and give it an edge over its competitors. Some of the interior redesign details comprise of carbon upholstered seats, quality carbon finishing details as well as color meter cluster. It is designed for large families and can be used as a commercial vehicle owing to its sufficient interior space and comfortable seats. Additionally, the rear seats can easily be folded created more room in the cabin which can be adequate for carrying huge luggage.

This new model is anticipated to feature new design details and features such as: new wider grille, quality exterior views, LED indicators located on its side mirrors, brand new alloy wheels, new design rear lights and a sporty bumper.

Also included in this new model is a new design galore. It has a distinct surface made of carbon. High grade fabric has been used in the upholstery, giving the interior a sophisticated feel. Toyota still retained key essentials, consisting of the control board and dashboard; they are somehow similar to the design used in the previous models.

2015 Toyota Wish Front Left Side

Under the hood of the new Wish

2015 Toyota Wish will have different engine variants. This will definitely allow buyers to settle for the engine unit that suit their needs and meets their preferences. One of the engine units will be 2.0l engine expected to generate about 152 PS with a 193 Nm torque. This engine is designed to consume less fuel and with less exhausts, in addition to its smoother torque than that of the previous model.

The other engine variant is a 1.8l unit with a 143 PS rating and a 173 Nm torque for the 2WD model while the 4WD will have the same engine unit but will have a 130 PS rating with a 161 Nm torque.

2015 Toyota Wish Engine

Pricing for the new Toyota MPV

This new model will definitely suit the profile of the most resourceful MPV for daily duties. Not only does this vehicle offer its passengers supreme comfort, but it also delivers a high performance that is a high attribute for such a vehicle. Its price will be almost similar to its previous model. The 2WD 1.8L model is expected to start sale at $24,500 while the 4WD 1.8L model will be priced at $26,500. Lastly, the 2.0l model will have its price tag valued at $32,000.

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