11 Active Tips to Certify Safe Driving in 2023

Certain things that we do unconsciously while driving is harmful to driving. That’s why we should learn safe driving habits.

Among the tips for safe driving from CarExpertGroup, some are more obvious than others. And it’s not just about buying tires if they’re not in good condition. We will refer to the behavior of the driver as well. We’ll go into more detail about what bad habits need to be corrected.

1. No use of phones and mobile devices

Source: motor1.com

Not just because you can be fined for it, but because it is an unpleasant reality. Cell phone use on the road last year alone killed thousands of people. So besides the worst habit, this is one of the deadliest. And if you need to check your GPS or reprogram the route from your cell phone, be sure to do it at a rest stop.

2. Hands, always above the wheel

Many drivers have hobbies that cause them to keep only one hand on the wheel. It may sound strange, but when we bring up certain situations, you will see that it is not at all unusual. Also, keep in mind that your posture should always be that of a properly supported. Keep both hands on the staring so that you have maximum control over the vehicle. Usually, people use one hand and have other things while driving, but it is not good for safe driving.

3. Hand on the gear lever

Whether it’s for comfort, habit, or even laziness, you often leave your right hand on the gear lever. And this is not correct for two reasons. The first is that we no longer have a firm grip on the wheel itself. But if that’s not enough, also that leaving constant hand pressure on the gearsis dangerous.

4. Hand brake support

Source: volkswagen.com.bn

It makes even less sense to rest your hand on the handbrake for “comfort”. Again, this is less logical, because the handbrake should only be used when the car is parked or, failing that, in an emergency. Therefore, it is also not correct to leave it there.

5. Holding the bottom of the steering wheel

A third situation, also motivated by the search for a more comfortable position, is to hold the bottom of the steering wheel with one hand while the other is at the top. To improve your mobility, you should put your hands on the steering wheel incorrectly position. It will also increase your safety in case an unforeseen move is required.

6. Use of indicators

It also seems a bit obvious, but it often happens that drivers do not use them. The use of indicators increases safety because they allow us to warn us of our movements with the vehicle. Besides, the general traffic regulations provide for the obligation to warn other users of maneuvers. You will therefore gain in safety and you will be able to avoid accidents. Besides, we have already explained in more detail how to use the lights in the car correctly.

7. Take rest

Source: hellomagazin.rs

We have a bad habit of driving the vehicle regardless of our physical condition, and this is a serious mistake for our safety. Whether the journey is long or even short, we should try to be well-rested and have all five senses alert. Otherwise, your safety will be compromised because you will be drowsy and lose constant attention. This is the most important factor that should be taken when you are driving. Giving yourself a rest make your body and mind active, and you can have safe driving without any risk.

8. Check your vehicle

Now that you know some tips for safe driving, we hope this will make your driving easier. And don’t forget the most important: maintaining your vehicle. You must know when to have your car serviced so that it is always ready. It may help you to keep an idea about car functioning and running. By checking your vehicle, you may take care of its maintenance and keep it runnings smoothly.

9. Concentration

Concentration is essential for good driving. You have to be vigilant on the one hand, on road signs, and follow their instructions. On the other hand, the concentration passes the vigilance of the other drivers, of their actions. A glance in the mirrors will allow an understanding of what other motorists are doing. Also, good concentration is possible by adopting a good attitude to avoid fatigue at the wheel. To do this, you must follow certain safety instructions: avoid driving more than 6 to 8 hours a day. Take a break every two hours for 10 to 15 minutes because fatigue increases reaction time.

10. Have a vehicle in good form

Source: diarytips.com

Before your departure, it is important to make certain checks to avoid any incidents on the road by having the car checked as a whole (brakes, battery, lighting, etc.) Check the condition of the car: tire pressure and wear. Top up the levels: engine oil, coolant, etc. Plan the gear that may be necessary depending on the weather conditions. Having a vehicle in good form means there are fewer chances to get hurt because most of the issues happen due to the vehicle’s inefficient working that causes significant damage. That is why you always look for a good and well-functioning vehicle when you are going outside.

11. Control the speed

In all situations, it is advisable to respect the safety instructions mentioned to limit possible incidents on the road. Respect the speed limits. It has been noted that one in two fatal accidents is due to speed.

Driving is to know about how to be courteous, knowing your vehicle, respecting the instructions, and following the safety rules dictated. If you stick to this, you can be certified for safe driving.


It is better to stay safe and apply these safety tips to have a safe journey. Although keeping yourself focused on driving is essential because you are. So, there is always a risk. But, you can take the issues by following the above safety ways. However, everybody knows these facts, but implementations will minimize the risk of having accidents or unwanted incidents.