Different Ways To Pay Your Medical Bills After A Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident can be one of the worst things to happen to you. Most victims are left with severe injuries that take the enjoyment out of their life. Moreover, as if recovering from painful injuries was not enough, you also have to deal with the expensive hospital bills. Therefore, there is a physical, mental, emotional as well as financial struggle.

The stress of the medical bills can cause sleepless nights. Many people struggle with the same thing. Thankfully, there are various alternative ways to pay your medical bills. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help explain your options to you and suggest the best one according to your situation.

Different ways to pay your medical bills after a car accident

After an accident, you may incur various physical injuries. These injuries can take days, weeks, or months to recover. However, what matters is how you will afford to pay medical bills, past, and future. Below are a few ways to pay your medical bills after getting into a car accident.

Insurance policies

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The number one solution to medical bills for most people is either their auto or health insurance. While both of these options can help you pay a chunk of your medical bills, you might still have to pay certain costs out of your pocket. These out-of-pocket expenses can easily reach thousands of dollars if you have acquired severe injuries from the accident.

Workers’ compensation

If your car accident in Atlanta happened during the course of your employment, you might be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ comp benefits include medical treatment coverage, lost wages, and other damages. You also have the option to file a claim against the person who caused the car accident. It is essential to speak with a lawyer during such situations so they can suggest the best option.

Out of pocket

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You may not like this solution, but paying medical bills out of pocket is still an option when nothing works. Since medical bills can quickly go up to tens of thousands of dollars in cases of serious injuries, you might need to empty your entire savings. However, before you take this step, check with your medical professional whether they allow a more lenient payment plan. Also, check whether you can negotiate the bills with the medical provider.

Win your car accident case

When you get injured in a car accident caused by someone else, you can file a claim with their insurance company and recover your damages. Of course, you only receive the damages if you are able to win the case. For this, you need to gather solid evidence, talk to witnesses, hire expert witnesses, and many other things. Hiring an attorney becomes crucial here because an average person cannot represent themselves as well as a professional can.

When should you file a car accident claim?

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When a car accident happens due to someone else’s negligence, you are eligible to file a car accident claim. Many states in the US allow victims who are at partial fault for the accident to get financial compensation. However, the compensation will be lowered according to the fault percentage. For example, if you are 70% at fault for the accident, your 70% amount will be deducted from the compensation amount. Similarly, other states do not allow victims at 50% or more at fault to file a car accident claim and get compensation.

It is essential to go through your state’s law and determine your eligibility to file a claim. Usually, the state gives 2 to 6 years to file a claim. However, note that the statute of limitation will vary from one state to another. Therefore, you need to ensure you file a claim before the deadline.

Car accidents can cause severe bodily injuries to the victim. Moreover, it can also welcome unwanted mental anguish to the victim. Treatment for the same can rip holes in your pocket and confuse you about what you should do and how you will cope with this stress. Fortunately, you should file a claim for financial compensation if you have suffered any kind of loss -economic and non-economical damages. If you go through any mental health struggle after the accident, you are also eligible to seek punitive damages. Therefore, as soon as your car accident happens, you should first call a lawyer.

Once you speak to a lawyer, discuss your case and work with them to collect evidence against the at-fault party. Once all the evidence is collected and you completely recover from your injuries, you can file a car accident claim. Lastly, filing a claim once you have reached maximum recovery is advisable to ensure you do not need additional financial support in the future. However, your lawyer will be the best advisor on when is the right time to file a claim.

Which documents do you need to file a car accident claim?

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If you consult a car accident lawyer, they will assist you in gathering all the vital documents needed to file a claim. To file a claim, you will have to prove the other driver’s negligence with the evidence you and your lawyer have collected. Before filing a claim, your lawyer will provide you with all the details of the documents you will need. Some of these documents include:

  • Car accident claim form.
  • Your insurance documents.
  • Evidence you have collected against the at-fault party, including pictures and videos of the accident scene. Additionally, you can also provide witness testimony.
  • Medical records of your injuries.
  • A car inspection report in case of property damage.
  • Medical bills -past and future.
  • Proof of loss of income due to your injuries.
  • Copy of police report.

If you do not have any documents that are mandatory by the law, your lawyer will help you gather the documents and evidence needed. Therefore, you should always seek help from a lawyer to ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.