Why You Need to Replace Your Old RV Inverter?

If using an older RV inverter, it might be time for an upgrade. Increased power, more usage, fewer safety hazards, are just a few reasons to consider the upgrade.

01. It’s Just Not Working Like It Used to

The simple fact of the matter is, your RV inverter needs to be updated from time to time. If you own an inverter from the late 1990s early 2000s, it might be time for an upgrade. More powerful models are available. Newer technologies have been implemented. New safety features have been adopted. Like anything, with time, your RV inverter is also going to begin to falter.

2. Safety Concerns

Issues with short-circuiting, lackluster performance, or shocks, might be an indication of some safety issues below the surface. This might be true in the case that you’re using an older. If so, you might want to have it professionally tested. Otherwise, consider replacing the older, with a newer model, which has built-in safety features.

3. It isn’t Powerful Enough

If your old was used to power the lights and produce warm water, it might be time for a new one. Kids bring laptops, gaming systems, you want to use the microwave from sites such as bestportableproducts.com and other appliances. If the converter isn’t powerful enough, it won’t function as you want it to, and you’ll be limited in use/functionality. 

4. The Cost of Repair is Higher than a New

If you’re contacting repair specialists, only to find the price to repair your inverter is close to, or higher than investing in a new one, you might as well take the plunge. With new technologies and design features, inverter manufacturers can create superior products, at a lower price than in the past. This means savings are passed down to you! Ultimately, you get better, for a far more affordable price, which can do more in your RV. For more details information, Check out this link.

5. It isn’t Compatible with New Appliances

If your old converter isn’t compatible with new appliances, you obviously can’t utilize it. In this case, replacement would be the superior option for upgrading the old converter. Not only is a newer converter more efficient, but they also produce more energy, and they are better at inverting higher amounts of energy, than an old.

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6. You’re Using an Inferior Product

If the original inverter you own is a modified inverter, there are superior models out there. A pure inverter is a much better option for inverting energy in the RV. Especially given the sheer number of appliances you bring along with you when you go camping. If the inverter is faltering, or simply doesn’t meet your needs when camping, a replacement might be in store.

7. It’s Lacking the Features you Desire

Automatic shut off/on features, battery charge features, surge capacity, or even design features, might be lacking in the current inverter you own. If this is the case, today, there are superior products available. They produce greater energy, operate at higher frequencies, and allow you to generate greater wattage, for multiple appliances.

With the affordable pricing of new models available today, it’s a wonder everyone hasn’t upgraded their old RV inverter. If you’re on the fence about doing so, these are a few reasons why you might want to consider making the upgrade and investing in a new RV converter for your next dry camping trip.