2015 BMW 1-Series Price, Review

2015 seems to be a year when all the big names in the automotive industry want to put their best foot forward and put out the best of their cars on the market. However, this has mainly been focused in the luxury end and one of the manufacturers that you would not expect to miss this is BMW. Well, as you would expect, they haven’t. They are set to release the 2015 BMW 1-series and it is bound to be quite a piece of candy to all car lovers. Here is why.

2015 BMW 1-Series 2x

Design of the new BMW 1

All the models in this series are made for the city. They will all adopt the golf, the coupe or the convertible stature of which the golf design is kind of a new way for BMW but with all the congestion on the roads it is a legitimate and highly thought out move. The cars will have horizontal contours to maximize air flow and reduce drag. The headlights will have a slight twitch making them appear wider than usual but the grille and the logo will majorly remain as it has always been. As it is usually put, some things are better left untouched, apart from the change of design at the back, there will also be minimal changes to the back side of the 2015 BMW 1-series.

2015 BMW 1-Series Exterior

New BMW Auto Interior

As you would expect the interior of the models in this series will encompass a luxurious, spacious yet safe interior. The usual mysterious yet well laid out dash board will still dominate the series with high quality leather finishing to the upholstery with a number of easy access buttons on the steering wheel with a fine finish on the dashboard.

2015 BMW 1-Series Interior

BMW 1-series 2015 Engine

As usual, what is under the hood is what matters most. It is where the beast of the car lies and that is what interests most people. The 2015 BMW 1-Series will come in a variety of engines that will be able to put in between 350 horsepower and 240 depending on one’s preference. One factor that is standard to all the models on this series is that they will have a turbo engine which will be coupled with a 6 speed automatic transmission that will ensure for a powerful but surprisingly smooth ride.

2015 BMW 1-Series Engine

2015 BMW 1-series Release date and Price

Everything is already known about 1-Series, information about the models are available officially. According to that, price is also known and is $22,950. As you can see, considering the car is being made for the middle class the price isn’t too steep. The BMW 1-Series cars are on the market from the middle of 2015.

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