2016 Isuzu D Max Pickup, Interior, 4×4

Everyone is expecting the appearance of the 2016 Isuzu D Max since it has been said that this truck would be a surprise for all due to its great performances and packages that the manufacturer would present.

2016 Isuzu D Max 2x

Exterior of 2016 Isuzu D Max

2016 Isuzu D Max would be constructed with four doors and a transportation area for various kinds of baggage and luggage. The truck would be also equipped with the wheels of 18 inches. Furthermore, it would use LED headlights and taillights.

2016 Isuzu D Max Exterior

Isuzu D Max 2016 Interior

2016 Isuzu D Max would have the capacity for five passengers which would enjoy in a lot of comfort which would be provided. Moreover, they would enjoy in various modern technologies that the manufacturer would incorporate in the truck.

2016 Isuzu D Max Interior

Engine and Transmission of 2016 D Max

As every truck, 2016 Isuzu D Max is expected to have a very powerful engine option which would keep it going. There have been some predictions about the various engine options for various trims of this model. The first engine option that the manufacturer would most likely offer would be a 1.9 liter engine. We are talking about a Ddi engine which would have the capacity to produce about 150 horsepower and to use 350 Nm of torque. There are some estimates which also predict that this particular engine option would be paired with the automatic transmission, i.e. Sport Shift, which would have six speeds.

The manufacturer would also most probably offer the second engine option which would be a 2.5 liter engine. More precisely, this would be a turbo diesel engine. On the other hand, there have not been any predictions regarding the potential output of this engine. The third engine option would be a 3.0 liter engine. It is also expected that this would be a turbo diesel engine and that it would have the capacity to give the output of 177 horsepower and to produce 380 lb-ft of torque. All these engine options would have one thing in common, apart from the transmission, and that is reduced fuel consumption.
The final verdict says that 2016 Isuzu D-Max would definitely be a good addition on the truck market, we should only see what it can do on the field.

2016 Isuzu D Max Engine

Release Date of Isuzu D Max 2016

As far as the availability of this truck is concerned, the model has not seen the light of the day yet. The official debut is expected to happen during the first quarter of 2016. Moreover, the commencement of sales of this model is unknown; however, there are some predictions that the sales would begin sometimes during the second half of 2016. On the top of all this, the manufacturer has announced the commencement of the sales in the United Kingdom for December 2016.

2016 Isuzu D Max Front Left Side

2016 D Max Isuzu Price

Taking into account the facts that 2016 Isuzu D Max has not yet seen the light of the day, we do not have specific prices for various trims. There have been some predictions which claim that the base price of this model would be about $35 000 while the most upgraded trim is expected to cost about $45 000.

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