Engine Healthy Maintenance Tips for your Spark Plugs

Your vehicle’s spark plug is the one that sends a trickle of electricity to the whole machinery to start up. If it fails, it automatically affects other parts of the machine. This is the chief purpose why CarCody advocates informing the public as to how you need to take care of your spark plugs.

In this piece, we will unravel tips on how you can keep those spark plugs up and running in good condition. In our previous articles, we provided safe and easy maintenance tips for the spark plug. Now, we will provide you with the things you need to perform in your car engine to lessen the burden from the spark plugs.

The Importance of Car And Engine Health

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Aside from keeping your spark plugs from deteriorating quickly, there are other good things that it results in.

First, it keeps you from accidents! If you always use your car with care, your vehicle will also keep you safe on the road. And who does not want that? We don’t just buy cars to help us ease daily travels, but it is our safe space, especially now that we are still in the pandemic.

In addition, it also hinders unexpected repairs. And that will surely cost you some bucks. That is something that we don’t want, especially if we are working on a budget.

Moreover, it helps elongate the life of your car. Usually, if you would notice, a car’s life lasts for about three years only. Once it reaches its third year, a lot of intricacies from the motor will already point up. And all those engine problems, once repaired, will show up with other undiagnosed issues. This will result in unending repairs. But if you take care of your car, mainly how you use it daily, it can last up to five years or more with just minimal problems.

How you should take care of your Car Engine

Now that you know the significance of taking care of your car engine, here are some tips to help. Also, these tips will surely keep your spark plugs in good condition.

  • Always check the water level.

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Water is what keeps the car cool. If it is at a critical level and you still hit the road, there is a high chance that you will undoubtedly face overheating. If that happens, the spark plugs will have a hard time cooling down when it ignites electricity. And this can result in premature failure.

  • Check your cooling system.

Any malfunction in the cooling system will result in overheating. And as we have stated above, it will make your spark fail at an early rate. If that happens, there will be unexpected repairs and replacements to be done. For sure, that is additional budget and time on your end.

  • Beware of any leakage.

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If you see that there is some small oil leakage, perform a check-up right away. Excessive oil leakage to the combustion case causes the topmost dilemma for spark plugs. That oil leakage will make your spark plugs oil and dirty at the same time. In addition, an oily spark plug will have a hard time starting as the oil prevents the recommended friction needed for the ignition.

  • Always clean your air filters.

If you don’t clean out your air filters, those dust will result in your spark plug forming as carbon deposits. These carbon deposits gradually decrease the lifespan of a spark plug at a very high rate. Other things that result in carbon build-up are driving at a low speed, fuel or air mixture is too many, the fuel injectors are not clean, and you keep letting your car standby idle for too long.

  • Keep the spark plug gap right.

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Sometimes when we do DIY, we think that we are doing it the right way. Also, we tend to neglect some essential details because the thing that we are doing almost replicates the right one. But it can only be determined if it’s perfect or not based on the aftermath. And in this instance, the spark plugs will be following stress if it has incorrect gaps. But why?

Imagine yourself sitting and trying to reach an object nearby. If you have the proper distance, you can reach it right away with no problem at all. But if there is just a slight inaccuracy with the space, you will get too much effort. That will cause strained muscle and even for you to tumble from your seat.

That goes the same with the spark plugs. The spark plugs will have a hard time igniting combustion. In that sense, this stress will cause it to prematurely fail in the long run.

Can you do it?

Well, keeping a routine out of all of these car health tips will surely take some time. So what we can offer is for you to build a habit out of it. Every day, before you leave at home, check out your water levels and cooling systems, and if you can check the air filters, that will be great. For the spark plug maintenance, you can do it year after year.

In addition, you must also listen to your car. Since you are holding the wheels, you will indeed feel if something is wrong with the vehicle. That is the unseen connection between the driver and the car that most passengers don’t know. If your car backfires or you have a hard time starting up, then it is time for you to check on the car and the spark plug.


Health is wealth. And it goes the same with engines as well. So if you keep it in fantastic condition, it will keep you from unexpected repair expenditures. And that is where wealth can accumulate. So we want to make sure that you are accessing your car to the fullest.

We hope that the information that we have provided helped you immensely in keeping your engines healthy. In addition, although tiny as they can be, your spark plugs will be safe too. As little it can be, it provides the most significant impact on your car. So ensure to follow our tips to keep it nice and running.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate one bit.