2016 Shelby F 150 Price, Pictures

A lot of various discussion are hovering over 2016 Shelby F 150. All of them have one thing in common: this would be a very strong and resilient truck. The reasons for this lie in the fact that this truck would be made from the finest yet strongest materials and that it would have all necessary equipment to overcome any obstacles during driving. However, it has been pointed out that its price may be a kind of a problem to a lot of potential customers.

2016 Shelby F 150 Front Right Side

Exterior of 2016 Shelby F 150

The edge areas showcase net guards in front of 2 LED light skins safeguarded behind. Around the sides, the wheels are updated to 18-inchers covered in BF Goodrich’s most recent K02 All-Terrain tire with its revamped walk pattern and also updated inner framework.

From the back, the personalization proceeds. The manufacturing facility bumper gives way for this customized steel system, done with LED light shells as well as stainless-steel rivets. A dual-tip chrome exhaust pipeline comes to a head below the appropriate quarter panel, providing a light indicator about just what exists under the hood.

Past the wheels, tires, and also bumpers, the Shelby obtains a special paint task full with a base blue paint and also double, white racing stripes. The white stripes proceed along all-time low of the doors, in addition to the Shelby name.

2016 Shelby F 150 Exterior

2016 Shelby F 150 Interior

2016 Shelby F 150 would have the interior made from the finest materials and fabrics. It would have various safety options and gadgets. Interior in general is going to be very similar to other Ford F 150 models. Only difference are going to be black and blue customized Shelby seats.

2016 Shelby F 150 Interior

Engine and Transmission of Shelby F 150 2016

The engine choice of 2016 Shelby F 150 would be the one which combines strength and reliability. More precisely, the manufacturer would provide a very powerful 5.0 liter engine. There would not be any obstacles in terms of speed and strength regarding this engine option. Furthermore, this would be a special type of an engine which is called Ti-VCT. This engine type would have V8 and it would have the capacity to produce 385 horsepower and to use 387 lb-ft of torque.

The manufacturer has gone even further in his design meaning that he has made an option which would be capable of providing even bigger amount of power. Due to this reason the manufacturer has added a super charger which would boost this engine to creating astonishing 700 horsepower. The manufacturer has provided additional features such as high flow injectors. The truck would be capable of creating the maximum speed of 135 mph while only 4.5 seconds would be enough for this truck to reach 60 mph.

2016 Shelby F 150 Engine

2016 F 150 Shelby Release Date

When we are talking about the release date of 2016 Shelby F 150 we need to say that the car has seen some kind of presentation but that it was not officially displayed in any showroom. There are not any signs when this would happen, but this is expected to happen very soon. Also, we do not know when the sales would begin. On the other hand, there have been some announcements that the manufacturer would make this truck exclusive, i.e. that only 500 trucks would be produced.

2016 Shelby F 150 Rear Left Side

2016 Shelby F 150 Price

There have been various speculations regarding the price of 2016 Shelby F 150. We need to say speculation since we do not know how much one unit of this truck would cos. So, the first prediction is that an option with a weaker engine would be priced at about $85 495 while a stronger and more equipped variant would be priced at $98 995. We can conclude that the prices of this vehicle would be quite high.

We are lead to the conclusion that 2016 Shelby F 150 would be worth every cent, after all.

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