14 Best Truck Gadgets and Accessories for the Ultimate Road Trip 2023

Travel accessories can make life easier for us, no matter what your destination is or how you get there. Some are essential, others we recommend as a precaution and we promise that if you need them they are worth their weight in gold.

We’ve analyzed thousands of state-of-the-art gadgets and travel accessories to collect this travel toolbox with the top ten gadgets. We’ve skipped the small and obvious, like earplugs, as well as what’s beyond the limit, like the newest tablet or the lightest computer, and we’ve focused on realistic and affordable gadgets for the road trips.

So let’s take a look at best truck gadgets and accessories …

1. Mirror Dash Camera

img source: forbesimg.com

The most important thing on the road is safety. So let the first thing you buy be a mirror dashcam. Its purpose is multiple. It can serve you to record all the fun moments with your friends while traveling, but it also has a more serious purpose. In the event of a traffic incident, you will have everything recorded on your camera for police and security purposes.

The front camera is in HD quality and the rear one is 720p, which is more than enough. You also get a touchscreen that you can connect to an existing rearview mirror and in this way you are constantly aware of everything that is happening around you.

Another option is that the camera will remind you to rest regularly after two hours of driving.

2. Teapot

For people who like tea and coffee, they can miss it very much during a road trip. To drink like at home. But there is a solution. Buy a truck electric kettle and you’ll never miss a hot drink again. Just plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and boil water while driving. It is sized to fit in cup holders, and the volume is usually between half a liter and a liter. It also has a special lid that will prevent the liquid from spilling and burning you, so it’s safe to use.

3. USB cigarette lighter air purifier

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No fragrance, but always fresh. The air purifier with USB charger always provides fresh air with an ionizer and can be operated with a normal cigarette lighter. The ozone destroys odor particles and destroys everything harmful in the air, such as bacteria, allergens, mold, etc.

4.. Anti-slip shelf for the dashboard

The anti-slip mat is placed on surfaces such as the dashboard and creates new storage space. It adheres without residues and prevents slipping of smooth surfaces, so that objects such as smartphones, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, headsets, cigarettes and much more remain non-slip.

5. Rear cargo storage drawer systems

img source: expeditionportal.com

One of the most useful things you can install in your truck is this. That way you will create a lot more storage space, and everything will look the same on the outside. Also due to the modern lightweight materials, you will not make your truck much heavier that way. As MSA 4×4 accessories informed us, there is single and double drawers, depending on your need.

6. Compact starter pack

The small jump-start power bank can be the rescuer in need especially in remote areas or at night. It starts the vehicle even when the battery is empty and convinces with its small size and weight.

7. Anti-slip shelf for the dashboard

img source: ebayimg.com

The anti-slip mat is placed on surfaces such as the dashboard and creates new storage space. It adheres without residues and prevents slipping of smooth surfaces, so that objects such as smartphones, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, headsets, cigarettes and much more remain non-slip.

8. Mobile phone holder

As we all know, it is very dangerous to drive and talk on the phone, and it is also punishable by law. But there are still situations when we cannot avoid it. That’s why you need a mobile phone holden. It is magnet-based and is useful not only for making phone calls, but also for using GPS.

9. Hands-free device 

img source: wp.com

Speaking of the mobile holder, and its advantage of making it easier to talk while driving, we certainly thought that another gadget was needed to make the task as easy as possible, a so-called hands-free device. The hands-free device, better known as a Bluetooth headset, is used to connect to a mobile phone via bluetooth, making calls wirelessly without the need for maneuvering and operating on a mobile phone, which completely preserves focus and driver concentration on driving. In addition, this is a gadget that is not only great in the car, but also needed outside, so you can use them instead of the wired headphones that most carry with them. 

10. Air mattress

The air mattress is large enough for two people and with its special fit fits in almost any vehicle. Simply flip the back seat, inflate the air mattress with the supplied pump and you will transform your car into a cozy bedroom.

11. Bags for the center console

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As a driver and co-driver, there is usually not enough storage space available on road trips. These storage compartments are simply clamped between the seat and the center console and provide enough space.

12. USB charger

The USB charger is one of the most useful gadgets and should not be missing in any vehicle. With the USB charger for the cigarette lighter, smartphones and other electronic devices can be charged while driving. And you won’t have to worry about batteries anymore.

13. GPS tracker

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So you are protected against theft. With the GPS Tracker, the position of the truck can be displayed to within 5 meters. It is waterproof and can be attached under it with its strong magnet. The battery lasts 90 days and, depending on the setting, the device sends an SMS during certain activities.

14. Vacuum cleaner

With the 12V car vacuum cleaner, the car always stays clean. It has a plug for the cigarette lighter and is supplied with various attachments.


Regardless of whether you are on vacation or commute to work every day –  gadgets and accesories make your journey much more comfortable and entertaining.