2018 Ford Bronco Price, Release date

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The Bronco is the SUV that a lot of people are waiting for in the US. It was originally intended as a work vehicle but it later became a competitor for the Wrangler. Unfortunately it was discontinued back in ‘96 and replaced by the Expedition. This became a much bigger car than it though and because of that Ford was left without a compact crossover to compete with the Wrangler. The first concept for an upcoming Bronco was released back in 2004 but nothing was then said about it. Last year rumors about a 2018 Ford Bronco started to surface but Ford dismissed them and said that they were not currently working on such a car.


Interestingly enough though, a few months back a UAW official said that the Michigan plant where the Focus was built is not going to be closed. Why? Well, he also said that Ford is going to move there the production for the new generation Ranger and the new Bronco. This basically confirmed that the Bronco actually exists and it is well under development. So far Ford did not say all that much about it but we do know some facts. For starters, the development is actually happening in Australia where the upcoming generation of the Ranger is being developed. Despite that, the two models will be built in the US. The price is expected to be set right around $25,000 in order to compete with the Wrangler.

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Ford Bronco 2018 – Is it the Everest?

Ford is already making a crossover based on the Ranger with the Everest. However, it seems that the 2018 Ford Bronco won’t be it. Instead, it will be an all new model which will likely come with an entirely new design as well. Most rumors suggest a utilitarian design with a removable top, two and four door versions and a rather retro-modern feel. We do expect the Bronco to come with rugged materials inside and the latest generation gadgets needed by the young generation.

2018 Ford Bronco – How it will look?

So far most renders point out at a design inspired by the first generation Bronco. This features round headlights and a really Wrangler-like feel. However, most people also forget that the last Bronco was actually identical to the Ranger. This may very well be the case with this new model as well, especially now when Jeep is also releasing a pickup Wrangler. Things may change until release and it remains to be seen how the finalized vehicle will actually look. No matter what the case will be though, we are sure Ford is going to hit home run with it.

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Under the skin of New Bronco

At this point it has been confirmed that the 2018 Ford Bronco is going to use the new Ranger-platform. Ford said that this will be quite light thanks to the information they have from developing the F-150. An all aluminum body on a high strength steel chassis is not impossible. Also, they said that the Bronco will be overbuilt because it will have the same components as the truck which will need to tow and carry a lot more than it. The front end will benefit from an independent suspension while at the back a solid axle will be used.

The car is expected to hit the market with a 4 or 5 cylinder turbocharged diesel. Ford has both a 2.2 liter and a 3.2 liter engine. The latter is the 5 cylinder which is also currently used on the Transit, so it would make sense to use it again in the Bronco. A V6, most likely their 2.7 liter twin-turbo EcoBoost, is a real possibility as well. A six speed manual will likely be standard while an automatic should be an option. Unlike most other crossovers, the Bronco will more than likely get all wheel drive as standard.

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