2018 Ford Mustang Release date, Price

After being around for little over 2 years, the Mustang already received an update with the 2018 version. Ford decided to refresh the car faster in order to keep it at the top of its class. In fact the Mustang is the best selling car in the World and that is not an easy feat to achieve. The 2018 Ford Mustang brings a new design into the mix, a better interior as well as different engines. All of these are meant to make it a better package than before and so far it seems that they achieved just that.

The car is still based on Ford’s rear wheel drive platform and it still sports a V8. However, a V6 is no longer available while the EcoBoost is now the base engine. Because of that we can expect the base price of the Mustang to go past the $26,000 of the previous generation. With the 2018 model Ford is also expected to release two all new versions for the car. The Mach 1 will be a step above the GT while the high performance GT500 will be the fastest Mustang ever made.

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2018 Ford Mustang Price and Release date

Although new Mustang was introduced some time ago, it is not yet available for purchase. It was nice seeing it nonetheless. First Ford released a set of official photos, and shortly afterward it saw the light of the day at various auto shows. The first opportunity that we had to see this vehicle was at Chicago Auto Show. Despite the fact that it was heavily dubbed that it will bow down in Detroit that didn’t happen. Well, it was how it was, and now the most important fact about the release date of 2018 Ford Mustang is that it will be available for purchase come this fall. Taking into account how fast time goes by we will see these beast roaming the streets in no time.

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Regarding the price of 2018 Mustang, there will be some changes. Nothing over the top, don’t worry. The base model which is a four-cylinder version will come in a price region of $27,000 which is almost the same compared to the ongoing Mustang EcoBoost. The increase in price will come with GT installment which will feature a V-8 powertrain under the hood. This variation will come at the cost of enlarged for about $500 all up to $1000. The current price for Ford Mustang GT is around $34,000.

The Exterior and Interior Design

Even though the 2018 Ford Mustang still looks similar to its predecessor, a lot has changed with it. For starters, the front end is all new. The car has a lower hood which should allow it to be more aerodynamic than before. The headlights have a subtle angle to them while the grille is definitely larger. The bumper will sport a small splitter across the range while the GT version will get hot-air extractors in the hood. The back also gets curved triple-tail lights as well as a new bumper. As a whole we can say the new Mustang definitely sports a cleaner look than its predecessor. The upcoming Mach 1 will likely feature a unique livery as well as new wheels and possibly a more aggressive body kit. The GT500 on the other hand is going to boast a fixed wing, better aerodynamic features as well as a meaner look. Both the GT350 and GT350R on the other hand remain unchanged.

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While the design didn’t change much here, the 2018 Mustang definitely sports a better built interior. For starters there is more padding where the knees touch the dashboard, the upper parts of the doors have been covered in soft-touch materials while the steering wheel can be had with a heating option. Both the Mach 1 and the GT500 are expected to receive a stripped down interior with bucket seats and suede upholstery.

2018 Mustang Specs

The V6 is no longer available with this generation of the Mustang. Instead, the new base engine is the 2.3 liter turbocharged inline-4 EcoBoost. The output is still unknown at this point but we wouldn’t be surprised if it will offer more than before. In fact most rumors suggest Ford will give the Mustang up to 350 horsepower from this tiny engine which would definitely be impressive. The 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 also received some updates but its output is still unknown. The engine received a new fuel delivery system, a different ECU as well as new headers.

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All of these should allow the 2018 Ford Mustang to deliver around 450 to 460 horsepower. The Mach 1 is expected to use the same engine as the GT but only mated to a 6 speed manual. Ford’s 10 speed automatic will be available on the rest of the cars as an option. The GT500 on the other hand will only come with the automatic. This is because it will feature a twin-turbo V8 which is expected to provide north of 750 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque.

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