7 Important Services you Often Need for your Car Maintenance

You have been planning to go out on a road trip together with your family, and now, finally, D-Day is here. So, you park all the stuff you need, put it in the car, and off you go! Everything looks good.

But somewhere along the way, it starts to rain. You reach out your hand to your wiper stalk and turn on your wipers. Unfortunately, nothing happens; your wipers are quiet. ‘I must have done this all wrong,’ so you will tell yourself. So, you reach out to your wiper stalk, turn your wipers off, and then on again; still, nothing happens. That is when you realize that your wipers are not working.

What do you do?

Of course, for emergency repair services, you have to contact the Repair Service Center like https://www.tlcautotruck.com.

But first, before that, you have to stop and park your car safely by the roadside. Driving any further will only put you and your family at risk.

As the name suggests, the work of your car wipers is to wipe your windshield and keep it clean. That ensures that, as the driver, you have a clear vision of where you are heading when driving. Anything can happen if you cannot see the road well when driving. That includes a head-on collision, hitting a pedestrian or, even going off the road into a ditch.

That said!

It is very frustrating when a car breaks down and stops in the middle of the road. It is also a waste of your precious time.

Did you know that car breakdowns are avoidable? That’s right!; through regular car service and maintenance.

The truth is, most car breakdowns that have happened did not necessarily have to, only if the drivers were keen to service their cars beforehand. Regularly servicing your vehicle allows you to identify potential problems and fix them before they happen.

That’s not all!

It also ensures increased safety

Minimizes the cost of repair

Increases your car’s durability and longevity

It helps you avoid unnecessary disappointments

In this article, you will discover 7- essential services you often need for your car maintenance.

1. Brake Service

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We say the engine is the most crucial part of your car. Well, you need it to get your vehicle moving. But once you are in motion, you will need to slow down or stop at some point. That is where the braking system comes into play.

When the braking system fails, bad things happen, including permanent disability and loss of life. That is a risk you cannot afford to take. Make sure you service your breaks regularly.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb water from the environment. The hydraulic system might be airtight, but the reservoir isn’t; that means it can allow water from the air to enter the system. Eventually, this will cause rusting to the internal of your braking system. Use a dip strip to check your brake fluid. If it is dark brown, it means your brake fluid is old. Make sure you replace it immediately.

Also, remember to listen to your brakes when driving. Are there any strange noises? If you have them, mybie you need some new parts. One of the brands you can choose is alemite.

Inspect your brake pads regularly and change them when necessary.

Pay attention to your brake pedal. How does it feel? If you notice anything unusual, it means that something is not working as well as it should.

2. Cabin Air Filter

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If you feel like your car will not stop smelling bad or, like the air inside is not moving, it is high time you check your cabin air filter.

The work of the cabin air filter is to prevent bad smells and dirt from entering your car when driving. Since part of the filter is directly in contact with the outside environment, inevitably, it has to get wet. As the moisture accumulates, mold and mildew may develop, causing a bad smell in your car.

When that happens, you need to change your cabin air filter. Luckily, you can do that all by yourself because the process is not complicated. If you are getting your filters cleaned why not get a full car wash, here find all your “car wash near me” queries answered.

3. Timing Belt

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Not all cars have timing belts, but for those that do, this is an essential part of the function of the engine. If you have an interference engine, a broken timing belt can stop your engine from running and, even worse, destroy its internals if the piston and the valves collide.

The maintenance schedule for your timing belt may vary from one car to another, depending on the manufacturer. Check your car owner’s manual for guidance. Also, if your odometer reads 100,000kms, it is time you get your timing belt inspected.

4. Transmission Service

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You do not want to reach 100,000kms without checking your transmission fluid; that is a disaster. Again, you need to check your car owner’s manual to get the manufacturer’s recommendations on transmission filter and fluid replacements.

Check the fluid levels every time you change your oil. If it looks burnt or dark in color, that indicates an overheated transmission. Your car needs servicing ASAP; otherwise, expect more internal damage.

5. Cooling System

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Your engine produces a lot of heat when running, but it has to remain within the recommended temperatures to continue functioning as it should. That is why your car has a cooling system.

Servicing your cooling system is essential to keep your engine working. Depending on what you use, be sure to check your water or coolant for proper levels. Also, check your coolant regularly for dirt and replace it when necessary.

6. Windshield Wipers

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As stated above, wipers are essential to keep your windshield clean and ensure a clear vision when driving. Replace them at least once, after every 12 months, or whenever their effectiveness gets compromised. During winter, you should consider installing winter wiper blades to optimize performance. Also, lift your wipers from the windshield when parked during this season to protect your car from ice buildup.

7. Battery Inspection

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The battery is another critical element for your car to run. It supplies electrical current to the starter, engine, and other electronic systems of your vehicle. Car batteries don’t respond well to extreme temperatures. Perform regular performance checks on your car battery to ensure that it is always working at its best at all times.


When you spend your hard-earned cash to buy a car, you want to make every penny count. The only way to achieve that is to schedule regular car service for your vehicle. Ironically, you’ll have to spend some more money; however, the amount is far much less than what you would have otherwise spent on repairs if you chose not to service your car. And that is the part most people fail to understand.

These 7- car services should never miss out on your checklist if you want to keep your car in good condition and extend its life.